The Last Article

I honestly think I've said everything that I can say on this platform. I started this as a way to keep a regular writing schedule, and I've managed to maintain it for two and a half months, which is pretty good. I'm going to go use the time I used here to work on my personal projects and write the things I really want to write. It's been cool writing advice articles and having them read by people, even if it's only people that I'm connected to on social media.

In departing advice, all I really have to impart to you is this: Don't take everything so seriously. That isn't to say that there are not serious things, nor that nothing should be done to make these things right, but to only focus on those things and to allow them to pervade every aspect of your life is to allow those things to hold power over you and win. You decide the amount of sway something has on you by the amount of attention you pay to it.

We all have a limited amount of time here, a blink of an eye in relative terms, and this time should not be spent giving yourself over to sadness or hate or feelings of disgust. Instead it should be used for things that are good, such as understanding, outreach, research, and contemplation. Do with your time that which you know will make people smile, keep yourself grinning with passion all the way through. Love and forgive everyone, especially yourself. Walk the path that speaks to you.

In closing, these are words spoken to me in an hour of need that may have saved my life, and with these words I leave you.

"If you are not out to do evil, you can do no wrong. Have a beer, let's give you a ride back home."

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