It all started the summer after my senior year. I had gotten my acceptance letter a few months prior and put off trying to find a roommate until the very last minute. I started hardcore looking for potential roommates a month before the deadline and spent a ton of time trying to find someone who wasn't a total weirdo. I had heard countless horror stories of roommates fighting all the time and the stereotypical "psycho" roommate story enough to have the fear of God put in me. I spent hours trying to find someone who seemed like a decent roommate but it seemed like everyone had already paired up. It was the week before the roommate request deadline and I had come to terms with my own fate. I was going to have to go random.

Finally, July came and the roommate assignments were published. I was assigned to a suite with three girls, all of them being from the Northeast. Now, I don't have anything against what we southerners like to call Yankees, but I could only imagine what it would be like. One of my suitemates was from New Jersey, so I immediately figured that our suite was going to turn into the Jersey Shore House, complete with poofs and spray tans. My other suitemate was from Connecticut, and as soon as I saw that, I immediately had flashbacks to my 'granola' cousins who live in Connecticut. There's a good reason why I never visit them, so this also had me panicked. Finally, I saw my roommate was from Rhode Island. Honestly, I didn't know anything about Rhode Island so I figured I would be safe.

We started coordinating decor and splitting up what everyone would buy for the suite. Just from our group chat on Instagram, they seemed like okay people so I didn't think I would have to worry that much. I honestly was afraid that we wouldn't get along that well, so my closest friends from High School and I already had a Plan B if my life turned into a Pyscho Roommate story. Before I knew it, move-in day was happening and I was about to hop on the wild ride called Suite 319.

The first few weeks were pretty awkward. I was still getting used to living with three other people in a tiny space and meeting new people. The more I got to know my suitemates, the more I realized that my first impression couldn't have been more wrong. My Jersey Shore suitemate turned out to be a sarcastic, church-going girl and my granola suitemate was actually pretty chill. My roommate from Rhode Island was the most 'mom' friend I had ever met and one of the sweetest girls I've ever met.

Soon enough, the awkward silence that filled our suite was replaced with inside jokes and crazy midnight conversations. Every Sunday, we would stay up to read the Honors Hub email and laugh our asses off about the stupidest shit ever. Living with these girls was like a non-stop slumber party. They were there to witness and help me through my biggest break-up and we've been there for each other through all of our homesickness. I couldn't imagine how my Freshman year would have been if I didn't have these girls to come home to after a long day.