My Greatest "White-Man's" Privilege
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My Greatest "White-Man's" Privilege

The Hidden Ace of Conservatives

My Greatest "White-Man's" Privilege
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Before I begin the main portion of this letter, there is one thing I wish to clarify. I know that I am unjustly privileged. I know this be cause for several reasons.

I am white.

I am a white male.

I am a straight, white male.

I am a Christian, straight, white male.

I am a middle-class, Christian, straight, white male.

I am a blond haired, blue eyed, born and raised in the south ,middle-class, Christian, straight, white male.

I know that I am privileged.

That being said I would like to talk about what I believe to be the greatest privilege awarded white-men like myself, and though I am not anywhere near a member of the alt-right I have seen them use this very privilege to devastating effect.

To begin with, I will say that this privilege has everything to do with the liberal climate of our nations Universities. Over the past few months, I have heard countless stories of protesters shutting down Alt-right speakers. I have heard stories of Universities that have considered canceling their more controversial speakers. I have heard many members of numerical and power minorities justifying these actions by pointing out that they have already been forced to listen to the side of the conservatives, to the side of the racists and bigots, and that they do not want to listen to any more.

If you ask a member of any racial minority to define racism, what you will most often hear them tell you is that it is the belief that people of certain ethnic backgrounds are predisposed to being a certain way. Moreover, this is the definition of racism that is fed to anyone in the U.S. school system.

It is also obsolete.

While organizations like the Ku Klux Klan do still exist. They are no more than the decoy figurehead of the modern white supremacist movement. Most modern racists make arguments based off of very real, albeit misleading, circumstances. These circumstances are as follows:

1. Ethnic and Cultural minorities are often relegated to lower-class poverty.

2. Lower-class atmospheres and communities are often ridden with crime.

Modern white supremacists are often experts at using these statistics to implicate Ethnic and Cultural minorities without having to touch the antiquated arguments of racial biological inferiority. Most importantly, this divide between perception and reality extends to other conservative view points. When it comes to the Gay community, an increasing number of Christians are beginning to believe that as far as secular culture is concerned same-sex couples do have the right to live as they please, even when legal marriage is concerned. In addition, when it comes to the trans community an increasing number of conservatives are admitting that gender dysphoria does in fact exist and is a legitimate psychological condition. However, they do still wonder whether whether sufferers are out of sync with their biological genders or with the traditional cultural view of what it means to be their biological gender.

I have found that misconceptions such as this are common with many conservative view points, and because of situations such as the ones commonly found in universities it is extremely difficult to correct these misconceptions.

I am writing this letter for one purpose and one alone. To say that despite all the ways in which conservative white men are privileged, despite all the doors that are opened by our race, the abundance of misconceptions concerning conservative viewpoints is perhaps the Alt-right's greatest advantage.

My reasoning is this. In any given conflict, whether it be a war of swords or of words, there are several simple factors that decide who wins and who loses nine times out of ten.

In "The Art of War" Sun Tzu states that war and conflict are decided by deception. He said that if you truly know yourself, and you truly know your opponent, then in one hundred battles you will never be in danger of defeat.

Similarly, in his essay on power entitled, "The Prince" Macchiavelli states that no plan is as successful as the one which is kept concealed from your opponent until the moment of fruition.

Throughout history the very greatest politicians and military minds were willing to, and in fact often did, kill in order to try and maintain the enigmatic nature which liberals all to often hand the Alt-right on a silver platter.

Imagine, if you will, what would happen if a white supremacist were to go to a liberal college as a speaker and find that no one was protesting him. He would find that he was treated cordially by the student body and faculty. He would find that no one was trying to silence him. After being treated civilly, he would make his way to the podium and find an auditorium filled with highly intelligent students and faculty politely waiting to listen and critique his words in every manner possible as is the nature of academics. At this point, he would find himself in the extremely awkward position of having to explain to these highly intelligent individuals why he believes in white supremacy.

As it is. The media is currently kept preoccupied by the liberal protests that often accompany these speakers, and the content of their speeches are often overlooked.

While I am not Alt-right, as a conservative white man I share in their advantage. I have the privilege of having my own thought processes and view points kept private, while at the same time if I come across a liberal view-point that conflicts with them I can easily type in a few keywords into google and I will quickly find described to me every aspect of that view-point in existence. While the hostility towards many aspects of my views may at times be uncomfortable, I will never deny that as a conservative white man, I have a tactical argumentative privilege that I can use to devastating advantage in any battle that I believe is important enough to risk a fight. If I first listen to my opponent, they will always tell me everything about their views and in so doing they will tell me exactly what arguments I need to make against them. I on the other hand am given the privilege of mystery, and my opponent will never know what they must attack in order to defeat me once and for all.

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