A Letter To My Future Mother-In-Law

Molding your son into the man I love was just the icing on the cake. You spent countless hours pouring your heart into him through an infinite number of hugs, kiss, and I love yous. I want you to know how much I love you for not only raising the man I love but for you being the phenomenal woman I have come to know and love. I want to thank you personally for all of it in this letter.

Dear Future Mother-in-Law,

There is the cliché he would not be the man I love if it were not for you which is true, but I feel like that isn't enough of a thank you. That one sentence doesn't even begin to cover when you spent sleepless nights with him as a baby when you tucked him in at night when you took care of him when he was sick, when you hugged him when he cried, or when you said I love you every day. There is so much that isn't said, so I am saying it now.

Thank you for telling him bedtime stories and filling his head with imagination.

Thank you for making sure he was always safe. You cared for him in some many different ways. It could have been as simple as telling him to buckle up or making sure he is home after a long day. Now, he does the same to me. He will scold me to buckle up because just like you, he only wants my best interest at heart.

Thank you for teaching your son how to be a gentleman. It is because of how you taught him to treat you that he knows how to treat me. He has such love and devotion for me because you taught him that woman are meant to be respected and loved. He opens my door because you raised him to take care of a lady.

Thank you for showing him how to love me. He knows how to love me because you loved him first. You told him I love you every day and now he tells me the same. He even tells me without his words by giving me a simple hug and a kiss when i walk through the door, something I am sure he learned from you.

Thank you for praying for him. You prayed for him to find happiness, love, a future, and good health as the year went on. Also, you prayed for him to find the right woman. You prayed for him to find the woman he was meant to be with since he was only a baby, and I want nothing more than to be the woman you have prayed for him to find. I hope that as you get to know me better you will say, "she is the one I prayed for."

Lastly, Thank you for being you. You are spectacular. You have and are a great mother to him. You are a kind and compassionate woman who has a heart the size of a mountain with bravery and determination to match. I am so grateful that I have got to experience it all through knowing you. I can't wait to see what is in store for us together in the future as we become a family


Your Future Daughter-in-Law

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