Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Now, I am partly biased in this opinion because of the wonderful, delicious, filling FOOD I get to inhale on this wonderful turkey day; it truly is a competing factor with other holidays. I mean honestly, it truly is a holiday full of positives; getting to stuff your face with the delicious foods you wait year round to eat, getting to see friends and family, maybe watch some football. It's not hard to see why this is the perfect holiday to have between Halloween and Christmas. Having Thanksgiving in there makes the last three months of the year like a holiday marathon!

When talking about Thanksgiving, there are several different parts of the holiday that one might say is the "best" part. For instance, some might say that the best part of the holiday hands down is the food. You've got every food under the sun from turkey, to ham, to biscuits and rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, yams and cornbread, mac and cheese, green beans, and every kind of dessert imaginable. It may seem after that like the food is the obvious best part of the day. However, that is not my favorite part.

Another part people might argue is the best part of the holiday is the friends and family. Whether you are having a small, family-only Thanksgiving, or a big Thanksgiving where everyone's invited, it's exciting to see all of the familiar faces that you've sometimes waited months to see. While I do LOVE to see all of my good family and friends on Thanksgiving (and my dogs), this is still not my favorite part of the day.

An iconic part of Thanksgiving, particularly in America, is the football. People love to sit down and watch their favorite team play on turkey day. It's great to gather around with your favorite friends, get in your teams jersey, and yell at your team through the TV screen as they rush to victory or lose through their downfall. Even if they're not watching football, people still love to play it at their houses with their friends and family. I know my family loves a good football game on turkey day. However, I know I know, this is STILL not my favorite part of Thanksgiving.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving........ is the nap I take after the feast! After I'm about half-way through my third plate of the day, there is a moment when the tryptophan from the turkey starts to hit me, and my stomach starts to reach its maximum capacity. The minute the last spoonful goes in and my utensil hits the plate, my body immediately directs me toward the couch to begin my food coma/nap. My eyes shut, and I quickly drift away into possibly the best sleep of the entire year. I sleep for a solid three hours, and the best part about it is that when I wake up, I'm ready for round two of eating! It's a win-win situation for me in every way.

While everyone has their own favorite part of Thanksgiving, and there are many different parts of the day to be thankful for, I think we can all agree that we are so excited for turkey day on Thursday!!