You should be in love with your best friend, and mine has four paws. Heres five reasons I'm celebrating my dog this Valentines Day.

1. They Are Always Excited To See Me

The only thing that can make a bad day good is hearing the fast pitter-patter of feet rushing to meet me at the door when I get in. It doesn't matter whether I've been gone for a day or just 10 minutes, the excitement is still there. Walked in from a different room? This calls for a celebration.

2. Their Snuggles Are Top Notch

I couldn't imagine spending the night without my dog sleeping by my side. Then by my head. Then at my feet. Then back at my side. Snuggles in the day time only last as long as I am willing to pet, but it's worth it.

3. They Love All My Food

No matter what I've made for dinner my pup looks at it like I've made the most delicious meal they've ever seen. You can just see it in their eyes that they would do anything for just one bite. Even though they don't get to eat my food, my dog is the perfect valentine because she loves me just for putting some food in a bowl.

4. They Protect Me At All Costs

Granted, the only things my dog ever tries to protect me from are things such as my apartment maintenance man, and squirrels we see on walks. But I know if we ever faced any real danger, they'd have my back.

5. They Listen With No Judgement

Sometimes I just need to vent after a long day, and they're there to wag a tail and sit near me when I do. It's like a therapist but instead of advice I just get unconditional love.