My Boyfriend Is My Best Friend And It's The Best Thing Ever

Having a significant other to tell all your problems to and to have some to be there experiencing life with you. To share all your ups and downs with, to be goofy with and to have some that you love with every ounce of your being, is such an amazing thing.

He is my best friend, I tell him everything.

He is always there for me, he makes me smile when I mad, makes me laugh when I'm sad. We can joke around and be goofy together and then talk about serious and deep topics. He is the one person in the world that knows me better than I know myself. And he knows when something is bothering me or I'm not in the best mood. And he always knows how to get me out of my funk. Whenever I with him I'm always smiling and laughing, and just the most genuine kind of happy. Doing simple tasks are so much fun when we do them together. Going to the grocery store, going to run errands, driving, etc all of it is so much more enjoyable and exciting with him.

I am always going to be forever grateful to him for always being a constant in my life, for being my rock, and my beacon of light so to speak.

While all of this sounds extra cheesy, it's all true. He is my best friend and my boyfriend. He is my favorite person in this whole world. He is one of the best people I know. Yes, so many people say your significant other shouldn't be the only source of your happiness but being with him makes me the happiest. So he isn't my only source but he is my favorite and the best source of my happiness.

If your significant other is your best friend then you know what I am talking about.

It's the best feeling and there isn't really anything like that feeling.

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