Laws have been created in Alabama and Ohio, as well as many other US States that prevent women from having the authority over their lives and bodies that they deserve.

Pro-life vs. Pro-choice is of constant discussion. However, I don't event think there should be a discussion. My body, my choice. What law should decide such a drastic change in my own life?

In my opinion, my body should not be the responsibility of anyone but myself, especially uneducated white men who are attempting to push and agenda that supports their religious beliefs. One bill presented in Ohio actually states that an ectopic pregnancy can be easily transferred to the uterus without complication. This is completely inaccurate medical information that is presented in an attempt to gain support for their beliefs. The current bill will negatively affect the lives of women and female children alike.

Women who suffer from PCOS like I do may not be able to attain the birth control they need to manage the symptoms. Rape victims, children and adults, will be required to keep a child they never asked for and was given to them in the most violent terms, or face felony conviction, which isn't close to as harsh of a sentence their rapist may receive. This bill is an attack on women rights that removes our ability to choose when and if we want to start a family.

Already, women are required to receive their husband's permission to get their tubes tied, while adult men of any age can freely go to a doctor and get a vasectomy. The role of women in society is no longer as wives and caretakers. Women have attained success, wealth, and education, and our bodies will not be controlled by men who fear we are becoming too powerful.

We deserve the right to our body, just as any other being.