I Love My Grandma More Than She Loves Fox News
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I Love My Grandma More Than She Loves Fox News

I never realized what a blessing it was living walking distance from my grandma until I moved 700 miles away from her... and boy could a college student use her sense of humor.

Marissa Chappell

The second you walk into my grandma's house, you immediately learn a lot about her...

1. She has mail from 2013 still on her dining room table-so you might assume she's a little messy, outdated, and/or both.

2. There are most likely all sorts of crackers, biscuits, and doubtlessly Madeleine cookies on the kitchen island - because her sweet tooth is sweeter than her

And finally,

3. you can hear Fox News inSyncly blaring from every single TV throughout her house- simply because she lives and breathes Fox news.

...Oh, and also because it "scares the burglars away".

Marissa Chappell

Grammy, thank you for being there for me from my childhood days to my life as a college student. And no, I dont mean when I'm depressed or mad or angry. I mean when I needed someone to play American Girl Doll with, or someone to watch HBO with, or someone to make an egg salad sandwich with the right amount of salt. As cliche as it sounds, it is truly the little things in life that matter the most. I will forever cherish the years that we lived 2 minutes away from eachother because spending time with you made for some of the greatest memories of my childhood.

For those of you who don't know Grammy, she might be the funniest person you'd be lucky enough to get to know. Regardless if she's being serious, sarcastic, or even offensive, I gamble she could make Hilary Clinton laugh after sharing the news she just voted Trump. She has the capability to make me laugh whether it's the week before finals or the week after I fail my finals (kidding dad, don't worry I haven't failed a final...yet).

Gram, do realize your sense of humor can light up the entire room? This super power you have is one of the many qualities of yours I brought with me to college and am constantly working at getting better at. Eventually, I want to grow into the person who can walk into the room with nothing but positive energy. Yes, I have my rough days here at college, and how am I suppose to make people smile, when I'm not smiling myself? But then again, I just think Grammys paper shredder isnt working, her stock portfolio is down, and she just found out her 6th helper got a full time job and won't be showing up today... or ever. AND YOU STILL MANAGE TO MAKE ME SMILE. How do you do this Grammy? Laughter is a quality many people look beyond, but little do people know laughter is the key to happiness. You enter a room and you unlock people doors opening up their happiness on their worst days.

My grandma and I have a really close connection, I would kinda say we are BFF's, but she might disagree because she doesn't quite know what that means. As the years go by, I learn to appreciate her more and more. For example at family parties, I can finally sip Pink Moscato with her, not technically legally, but my taste buds have learned to like it. And I guarantee we are the first two people at the dessert table as soon as they come out.

While straying away from the theme of this article; laughter and joking, on a more serious level, my grandma is 91 years old and she has 100% of my heart. Her energy radiates through me. The very few times I have seen her cry, I can't help but feel her pain and cry. But the endless years of her enthusiasm has made me nothing less than excited to be in her company.

While you have been there for me through my 20 years on this Earth I am going to strive to be there for you everyday even from states away. I want to be able to make you laugh when you accidently left your hard boiled egg on the stove for too long and I want to help keep your spirits high when you have to go to the doctors to get a cast on becuase you broke your foot. 91 years has nothing on you and with a heart so pure and filled with nothing but love, you will live forever.
So Grammy, thank you for being the most amazing grandmother a girl could ever ask for. Every journey we've taken and every memory we've made I will remember for eternity. These memories will bring me back to smiling on my loneliest days or more importantly bring me back to your presence when are not around and I am missing you. You will forever be my role model as I grow into adulthood. I hope to one day find the love that you and grandpa shared and raise my family just as you did. Thank you for giving me the most amazing dad and the most loving family a girl could ever have. Overall, thank you for simply being you and I cant wait to watch you live to 92... AND BEYOND. I love you more than words could ever describe and more than people could ever love.
With love always,
Your Grandaughter

Once upon a time...

...two peoples love, created this crazy bunch

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