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Music has become a constant in society today. Most people have music playing on a regular basis, and if they aren't playing it then it plays within their surroundings. Technology makes music even more accessible, allowing students to walk around with headphones in and keep or stream a large amount of music on their devices. But how does that affect a students mood or study habits? Studies show it makes a positive difference.

Any genre of music has the ability to affect ones mood. There is music, both with instrumentals alone and with vocals, that lower anxiety levels. One song, Weightless by Macaroni Union, was composed alongside sound therapists. It was scientifically created to lower the heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and decrease stress levels. Through experience and anecdotes, slower music can be even be found to be an aide when dealing with anxiety or depression. Relatable lyrics contribute, but even instrumentals alone can help even breathing or provide something else to focus on.

As a contrast genres such as Metal, Rock, and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) are high energy, meant to raise the blood pressure and keep people moving. Some of these songs can cause stress, but they are typically meant to keep you dancing, and to reenergize. Rock in particular provides an outlet for many people releasing stress and anger. There are many subgenres to each of the aforementioned, and each of those has a large following that has turned to the genres as a form of expression. Several of these genres have even been used within social movements and in protests or fashion revolts. There have been times and groups who have claimed rock is less of a genre and more of a culture, lending support and community to all fans in need of it.

Lastly, it has been shown classical music is useful in aiding memory. Multiple recent studies, ranging from the mid 90s to today, show benefits to sleeping and studying with classical music. Classical music not only keeps stress levels down, it improves focus, concentration, and self discipline. It may even be credited with aiding social skills. Listening to Mozart while studying can help you focus. Perhaps Beethoven can lull you to sleep by lowering stress. Classical musicians are treated with renown, the skill needed to play such music high.

The moral of the story is this: music is beneficial. Whether it is used as an outlet, or used to calm down, used to focus, or used to sleep, music has become vital to the way students function. Perhaps even to the way society functions. In a world full of noise we have found a way to organize it, channel it into emotions people can feel when they listen to it. Music is a release and escape, for both the audience and the musicians.

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