Music You Should Be Listening To
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Music You Should Be Listening To

That's sure to tingle your musical taste buds.

Music You Should Be Listening To

Dust off the vinyl, download the iTunes, rewind the cassette, update the Spotify, and locate the eight track then press play to these artists.

American Authors

A Brooklyn-based four man group with feel good vibes, and a killer band name. You may have heard their hit "Best Day of My Life," but put down your Top 40 playlist and check out the rest of their music. Lead vocals, Zac Barnett, posted on his Instagram that he was done working on album number two. Our only hope is that it comes out tomorrow.

Stellar Jams: "Go Big or Go Home," "Luck," "Hit It," and "Trouble"

X Ambassadors

Another band from New York, but with more of an alt-rock feel. The four maned band has a pair of brothers, a roommate and a best friend; so total neighborhood garage band flashback. Even cooler is that Imagine Dragon's frontman, Dan Reynolds, played a part in getting them signed. Basically, stop whatever you're doing and listen to their new album titled, "VHS."

Stellar Jams: "Free & Lonely," "Unsteady," "Business," and "Renegades"


Everything about this band screams relaxation and exploration. They're described as being a Nu-hula genre band. There isn't a textbook dentition of Nu-hula, but once you experience their escapist style lyrics and their soulful hypnotic sound you'll understand.

Stellar Jams: "Stay," "The Wild Life," and "Paradise Waiting"

Oh Wonder

Consist of the musical duo styles of Anthony & Josephine. Their harmonization is an absolute pleasure to the ears. They have been releasing a song every month for a year, and their next song to grace our presence releases August 1. Their debut self-titled album is set to release September 4.

Stellar Jams: "Livewire," "Lose It," "Landslide," and "Technicolour Beat"

The Mowgli’s

This seven-piece group is everything you want in an indie band, and best of all they're from California. All they want is to spread love and positivity, and their music is an anthem to that ideal. Fall in love, be happy, and listen to The Mowgli's.

Stellar Jams: "Say it, Just Say it," "Summertime," "Kids in Love," and "San Francisco"

The New Basement Tapes

This American/British group features Jim James, Elvis Costello, Marcus Mumford, Taylor Goldsmith, and Rhiannon Giddens. Their album, "Lost on the River," includes recently rediscovered lyrics written by Bob Dylan. These lyrics come from the same period at Woodstock that produced the legendary album "The Basement Tapes."

Stellar Jams: "Liberty Street," "Kansas City," "When I Get My Hands on You," and "Lost on the River #20"

The Avett Brothers

Listening to their folk rock melodies will soothe your soul, and their emotion packed lyrics will inspire you. The words are honest and real, but it's the voice and energy that carries this band over the top.

Stellar Jams: "The Perfect Space," "Another is Waiting," "And It Spreads," and "February Seven"


A groovy electro-pop duo from Portland that never disappoint. Their song lyrics are catchy and clever. Their sophomore album was released in April of this year, and its laid back beats will rock your socks off.

Stellar Jams: "Put 'Em Up," "Call to Arms," "Weekend," and "Lost Gold"

Ryn Weaver

A fierce woman with an even fiercer voice whose debut album, "The Fool," just hit shelves. She has a way of capturing the fast paced beat of alt-pop then transition to soft folk with a seamless ease. If you haven't listened to her, then you're truly missing out.

Stellar Jams: "Pierre," "The Fool," "Traveling Song," and "Promises"

The Wombats

Last but not least comes The Wombats from Liverpool. After you experience their smooth punk-pop electro songs you'll be crossing your fingers hoping you can see them live. Make all your dreams come true, and listen to The Wombats.

Stellar Jams: "Greek Tragedy," "Give Me A Try," "The English Summer," and "Your Body Is A Weapon"

Check out the Spotify playlist with all of the Stellar Jams.

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