6 Things I Learned When It Comes To Music Festivals

6 Things I Learned When It Comes To Music Festivals

Summer is filled with music festivals and concerts, here are some tips to really have the time of your life.


My first music festival was a bumpy ride. It was fun, but also a slight disaster. I set off to New Orleans and attended Voodoo Fest, a festival that is filled with drinks, music, and Halloween costumes. Of course, I read as many news articles that I possibly could about the event, but nothing can truly prepare you until you're actually there. Below are some of my tips and tricks on surviving music festival season.

2017 Voodoo Music + Arts Experience Highlights www.youtube.com

1. Go with the right people.

When it comes to music festivals, you want to be surrounded by people you love and who love you. Going with the right group of people provides you with awesome photos and a ton of fun. I made the mistake of going with someone who preferred to stay in their hotel room the entire time rather than listening to artists and it was a downer. Choose your group wisely and prepare for the worst - just in case.

2. Costumes/dressing up are not necessary.

While dressing up in costumes is fun, the weather is completely unpredictable. I suggest wearing something comfortable and trendy. You don't need to actually wear the insane alien costume to take pictures. At Voodoo, I saw a lot of people wearing full-on tuxedos in 85-degree weather and you could tell they were miserable. Personally, I chose outfits that I could dress up with a fun hairstyle or makeup.

3. Fanny packs aren't just a fashion statement.

When you go with a group, you don't want to be the person who gets separated from the group without a cellphone or money. I suggest using a small backpack or a fanny pack. My fanny was a lifesaver, especially when it comes to going the Porta-Potty. Not only can it fit a ton, but it's also a great way to prevent theft. I suggest not leaving your phone or money in your back pocket.

4. The toilets always run out toilet paper, so consider bringing your own.

In between sets, the line to the bathroom is ridiculous. While Voodoo had recently updated their Porta-Potty to flush (which is a good thing, trust me), it always runs out of toilet paper. While you carry that fanny pack, try to pack hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and tissues. You can never have enough.

5. Food is expensive and limited.

Voodoo Fest had several food trucks options, but they were limited in selection and way pricier than expected. Luckily, this festival allowed people to leave and come back, but not many do. I suggest packing snacks that you enjoy and being wise about food selection.

6. Most importantly, stay hydrated.

Most festivals have hydration stations, so bring a water bottle and drink lots of water! Water is your best friend, especially if you plan on drinking.

Festival season is a fun season. Make the most of it, and most importantly have the time of your life.

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