Muscular Female And The Stereotypes Associated With Them

Muscular Female And The Stereotypes Associated With Them

Why we cannot jude people based off of their appearance

There seems to be a stigma around muscular females and how they are viewed not only in society but the gym as well. They're either called manly, scary or not seen as "attractive" in the eyes of males/females who may think that they need to be more feminine. We live in a society where females are expected to be skinny, pretty, petite, and ladylike rather than muscular, toned, and in shape.

I recently had the opportunity to workout with a very motivational female lifter who not always pushes me in the gym, but herself as well. She shared with me how people give her sideways looks or make snarky remarks based off her appearance just because she is more muscular than the " average" female, but who are we to decide what average is in this day and age as well as how another person should look? As long as we are comfortable in our own skin and enjoy what we do, whose to say how we should look?

Comments such as: "She looks like a man", " Did you just get out of jail", or even something as blunt as, " you lift too much", are un-needed and just straight out rude. Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion, but there are cases where it is better kept to yourself because there is no progression with such comments.

We have to get rid of the stereotypes and learn to embrace each other's differences especially if they are not ours to judge. If you are not saying a comment that boosts someone's self-esteem or betters them in a way, then what is the point of making the comment in the first place?

Positivity, being nice, and loving one another is the key to success and personal growth. If we are quick to judge and focus on people flaws, then we take away from their self-esteem and the progression of growth and change.

Stereotypes are just there to restrict us and put us into a mold that we necessarily don't have to be placed in. Once we break out of it, we'll be able to embrace each other equally.

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