Let me ask you a question, Have you ever felt something strong for someone? That despite certain life circumstances you still feel that feeling for someone so strong it's hard to bury? Are they friends with you and how did they react?

Gaining feelings for someone is the most wondrous and human thing we can do, it's also scary because you either don't want to get hurt or you're afraid it's ruined a pretty good friendship or etc. That when the times comes your feeling for someone will be a lot and you have to make the choice of either telling them or not and even then how to say what you feel towards them as well. It's different for everyone, but at some point in time things didn't in everyone's own way, and so after that happens there's the phase of moving on and that in itself is easier said than done.

When it comes to moving on, in my opinion for myself I tend to try and keep myself busy whether that's playing video games, doing some work or even hanging out with friends I don't want to stay on just one person. I look forward to meeting new people and seeing how my relationship to them pans out, I'm not the best at keeping a good majority of my relationships with people consistent due to the fact that I'm not a great texter at all and for a large majority of the time even now I have a hard time asking to hang out even over text.

I do my best to have talks with my friends about me trying to move on, and always asking myself what has made me be able to peacefully get through my day without having to think of the person? and the thing was it a hard question to answer because my mind wanders, and sometimes you can't help but think about the person but you also are able to think back on that person with a sense of assurance and peace but still have a little creeping of doubt.

I could never figure out why I was this complicated as a human being to have a hard time moving on, then it dawned on me one day, Moving on isn't a matter of fully forgetting a person in my opinion, moving on is a matter of knowing what to do if your feelings and thoughts for that person arise and see how you manage that while at the same time if you interact with them how it could affect it.

There is one person that I still have feelings, and it is hard having to move on but at the end of the day I can sleep knowing that 1) I care for them a whole lot and only wish good things for them and hopefully happiness 2) I'm not a perfect person and try my best to be better each and every day, I at least don't want that person to be out of my life right away but want to slowly gradually be able to move on in terms of my feelings for them and hopefully sorting it all out in due time whatever that looks like and 3) Because moving on can't happen overnight, it takes a lot of times to yourself and figuring out what you want, who you want and how to know your worth.

I know I've been told plenty of times of finding the right one that'll love me for me and give me time but at the same time it is nice to be reaffirmed of those notions because it does take time, and sometimes the person you have feelings for can change over time, and sometimes you have to push through a rift between the two of you in a way that positive and healthy.