Sometimes you really just need to sit down and take your mind off life, regardless of what mood you're in. Here are a few movies for each of the moods you will face each day.

1. If you're in a good mood

1. "La La Land" - Who doesn't love Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling singing and dancing around? If you're already in a good mood, nothing else will put you in a better mood.

2. "Toy Story" - This movie honestly made me doubt each one of my toys as a kid. Even now, it makes you wonder, but regardless of that, nothing beats a bunch of toys going on crazy adventures.

3. "Pitch Perfect" - If you're in a good mood why wouldn't you feel like jamming out to some of your favorite tunes?

4. "Get Smart" - This movie is one of the funniest things! The main characters are not some that you would think would work together well, but they really do.

2. If you need encouragement

1. "When Harry Met Sally" - This movie, and the two proceeding it, bring me new levels of hope for my love life. Meg Ryan is just beautiful and amazing in all three.

2. "Sleepless In Seattle" - This movie is honestly a classic! Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan totally kill it.

3. "You've Got Mail" - This movie is very similar to Sleepless In Seattle, but also AMAZING!

4. "Mama Mia!" - The songs in both the first and second one are all bops. You can sing along and basically 30 seconds into either movie you will feel both encouraged and pumped.

3. If you really need a laugh

1. "Bridesmaids" - This movie brings constant laughs.

2. "Zoolander" - This is a movie you actually need to see. The first time I watched it, I thought it was serious, but it most definitely is not.

3. "Bedtime Stories" - This was one of my favorite movies for the longest time. It's such a good, pure movie full of happiness and goofiness that we all just really need at certain points in our lives.

4. "The Switch" - Not many people have seen this movie. Jennifer Anniston really killed it! The whole premise of the plot of the movie is so funny.

4. If you're feeling nostalgic

1. "High School Musical"

2. "Mean Girls"

3. "Sky High"

4. "Camp Rock"

I don't think any of these need an explanation. They are a part of all of us and hold a special place in each of our hearts.

5. If you're feeling philosophical

1. "The Truman Show" - This movie always leaves me feeling paranoid that I am the star of a show I don't even know exists. It's very interesting and very well done.

2. "Interstellar" - This movie is always a good decision! It is a bit long but well worth it.

3. "Life of Pi" - I haven't watched this movie, but *spoiler alert* the whole thing is a metaphor. You watch the whole movie thinking one thing, and then at the end, you figure out that nothing is what you thought it was.

4. "The Matrix" - So good! I can't express the importance of watching this movie. It gets you thinking about how "plugged in" we are as a society.

6. If you're in love

1. "The Vow" - Anything with Channing Tatum is a must watch, but include Rachel McAdams and you get the perfect movie! Their love is goals.

2. "Five Feet Apart" - I know this movie is still in theaters, but it is so good! I wouldn't recommend watching it alone though.

3. "The Fault In Our Stars" - The selfless love exhibited in this movie is amazing. It's the kind of love we all wish to find, but obviously never wish to go through.

4. "Music and Lyrics" - This movie isn't very popular, but I watched it and POP went my heart (that's a reference to the movie).