15 Thoughts You Have While Moving Out

Moving out can be an extremely stressful time between packing, cleaning, and deadlines, and this is especially relevant for students all around the nation at this time. Needless to say, there are a lot of thoughts that go through someone's mind when they're working on moving out; here are some of the common highlights:

1. I'm going to start by taking absolutely everything out of my drawers

It looks like a picture search puzzle from a children's activity magazine in here! I am ashamed.

2. Wow, I totally forgot that this was here!

It's like finding a surprise buried treasure! I guess I really never open this bottom drawer... interesting.

3. Trying to fit all of your clothes in one suitcase

I can't close this suitcase... but that's close enough.

4. When did I lose $20?

Oh well, it's like a gift from past me to future me!

5. I should try out that new packing technique I saw on Pinterest

Looks about right...*shrugs*

6. This is all taking much longer than I thought it would

I don't think I'm going to get done when I'm supposed to.

7. I'm just going to throw all of this small stuff in the box and go through and organize it when I unpack

All will remain in the box until the end of time, and I will forever wonder what became of it...

8. Did my shampoo just get packed into the bottom of that duffel bag?

At this point in packing, I don't care if it explodes all over the clothes in there. It's dealt with enough. What's next?

9. I still have so much to do...

...please tell me I can take a nap.

10. So many neighbors are just watching me carry all of these heavy boxes

Just stay tuned for a few more seconds when the bottom of the box gives out and/or I face plant on top of it...it will make your life.

11. Wow... I need to remember to dust my next place regularly

Is it really that dusty in here or is something on fire?

12. There is seriously enough hair on the ground to knit an entire house! How?!

It cannot be humanly possible to even have produced that much hair! The vacuum's going to be destroyed!

13. Why are these smudges not coming off the windows?!

I am in charge of cleaning the windows, but I swear I'm just making them streaky!

14. It just looks so, so empty

It... it's almost a little sad... Am I getting emotional?

15. Realizing that you have some sentimentality toward your experiences in the place

*Cue the tears and the embarrassment about being too sensitive*

Not going to lie, apartment A7, I've had some good times and some bad times living here, but I am going to have a hard time leaving - mostly because I love my roommates and the times we've had with our friends. But after doing all of this packing and cleaning... I'm done with you. I need to move on with my life. I hope your next tenants are kind to you. It's been WAY too real.

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