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Top 12 Most Memorable Deaths In 'The 100'

You bring the tissues, I'll bring the tears.

Christopher Larkin and Chelsey Reist in The 100 Season 4


The CW's The 100 has always been known for its tendency to create some of the most dramatic and heart-wrenching character deaths on television. For the last five seasons of the show, there have been enough deaths to fill up an entire grave site. However, there have been some character deaths that are stamped so permanently in our minds that fans will undoubtedly never forget them. These are the top twelve most memorable deaths in The 100:

Neil Shandilands in The 100 Season 3 Titus Discussing The

12. Titus

Making his appearance as the Flamekeeper and Lexa's bodyguard/sidekick in season 3, Titus (Neil Sandilands) became a significant character throughout the course of the season, often ambiguous when it came to whether or not he was trustworthy. After mistakenly shooting and killing his Commander, Titus took a blade to his own throat, fell into a filled bathtub, and died a tragic, brutal death that surely made all of us cringe.

Mike Dopud in The 100 Season 5 Vinson Threatening

11. Vinson

After having a short run of a mere few episodes in season 5, viewers didn't have very long to connect with Vinson (Mike Dopud)as a character. However, we did get the chance to view his psychotic, murderous tendencies in episode 12 of the season as this former prisoner attacked Marcus Kane in a jealous rage about Abby Griffin. After Vinson disturbingly stabbed Kane with a scalpel, then took a vampiric bite out of Kane's neck, Abby appeared on the scene, taking the remote that controlled Vinson's deadly neck collar and electrocuting him to death in a gruesome, dramatic scene. This psychotic prisoner's death likely gave many viewers nightmares for days.

Izabela Vidovic in The 100 Season 1 Charlotte Listening In on Clarke and Murphy

10. Charlotte

When season one introduced twelve-year-old Charlotte (Izabela Vidovic) to the fellow cast of "delinquents," I'm sure most viewers wondered how anyone could have been cruel enough to send a young child down to the ground to die along with the others. What we didn't see coming was the murderous side to this seemingly innocent kid as she brutally took the life of a beloved character in order to "slay her demons." After a lengthy chase from John Murphy, having been accused of the murder of Charlotte's victim, the young, somewhat deranged girl decided that the only way to make all of the chaos cease was to take her own life by jumping off of a cliff with a seemingly bottomless end. As hauntingly creepy as this little girl was, her death still takes the number 10 spot on The 100's most memorable deaths to date.

Michael Beach in The 100 Season 3 Pike Convincing Bellamy to Join His

9. Pike

Though the headstrong, somewhat villainous Pike (Michael Beach) didn't exactly accumulate many fans on the show due to his extreme and occasional dictator-like leadership, his dramatic death takes the ninth spot on this list. After causing great grief and turmoil to an array of Skaikru and Grounders alike, Octavia remorselessly slid a sword through Pike's chest, even after his help with fighting against A.L.I.E's mind-controlled victims in episode sixteen of season 3. Though surely not many viewers were too upset to see Pike go, his dramatic death is definitely one to remember.

Thomas McDonell in The 100 Season 2 Finn Searching For

8. Finn

The beloved Finn (Thomas McDonell) made a drastic progression from being the sound, level-headed character we all loved in season one, to the manic, Clarke-obsessed killer by season two. After killing many innocent grounders in search for the presumed-missing Clarke, Finn was sentenced to a brutal, drawn-out death by the Commander, Lexa. Clarke then made the difficult decision to minimize Finn's suffering by taking a knife and stabbing him in the heart herself. As crazed as Finn had become in the short timespan of a few episodes, I'm sure that it was hard for us all to see him go.

Kyra Zagorsky in The 100 Season 5 Cooper Discussing the Food

7. Cooper

Season 5's Kara Cooper (Kyra Zagorsky) first made her appearance on the show in episode two of the season, titled "Red Queen." Cooper showed a true level of brutality early in the season, having been willing to sacrifice hundreds of Grounder lives through starvation for the sake of preserving her own people. After shockingly winning the fight in the pit against many individuals much more suited for battle than herself, Cooper was revealed to have become Octavia's right-hand woman during their time in the bunker. However, when it was revealed that Octavia and Cooper planned on using toxic, parasitic worms to destroy the army of their enemies, possibly ruining the last livable land on Earth in the process, Clarke and Bellamy took matters into their own hands. The two came together to plan and execute the death of Kara Cooper by exposing her to the worms, causing her to die a brutal, tragic death while two of our favorite characters watched in morbid silence. Cooper may not have been around for very long, but I think we all can agree that her death alone will keep her in our memories.

Devon Bostick in The 100 Season 3 Jasper Jordan Considering Taking A.L.I.E's

6. Jasper

Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick) was a prominent and loved character throughout the span of the show's first four seasons. Season one introduced his character as a quirky, happy teenager with a skill for using explosives. However, his happy-go-lucky demeanor soon faded after the death of his girlfriend, Maya, upon Clarke's massacre at Mount Weather in season two. Jasper quickly hit rock bottom by season three, often drinking to numb his pain, and became notably suicidal by season four. Deciding not to go with the others to the life-saving bunker during Praimfaya in season 4, Jasper took a large number of toxic tree nuts and died a quiet and sad death in his best friend, Monty's arms.

Zach McGowan in The 100 Season 3 Prince Roan Preparing for

5. Roan

Roan (Zach McGowan), Prince of Azgeda, made his appearance at the beginning of season 3 and quickly became a fan favorite over time. His willingness to work with Clarke in saving both of their people made viewers grow to love him more and more throughout his character's lifespan. However, the Azgeda prince came to a shocking and dramatic demise at the end of season 4 during the conclave between the thirteen clans. Drowned in a fountain of "black rain" at the hands of Luna, fans were incredibly disappointed to see this beloved prince go.

Alycia Debnam-Carey in The 100 Season 2 Lexa Negotiating With

4. Lexa

The Grounder Commander, Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), made her first appearance in season 2 of the show, and became a much more prominent character throughout season 3, as hers and Clarke's leadership and the romantic relationship grew over time. Lexa's death came as a surprise to both "Clexa" and "Bellarke" fans alike, as she was mistakenly shot and killed by the aforementioned Titus in episode sixteen of season 3. Though it has been two seasons since this beloved character's death, she is likely to be remembered for the remainder of this show's lifespan.

Eli Goree in The 100 Season 1 Wells Holding Gun Against Wild

3. Wells

One of season one's most loved and cherished characters, Wells Jaha (Eli Goree), unfortunately, takes the number three spot on the list of most memorable deaths of The 100. After the aforementioned twelve-year-old Charlotte gains the advice of Bellamy Blake to "slay her demons" after having constant nightmares and endless fear, Charlotte stealthily stabbed Wells in the chest, claiming that seeing him each day reminds her of his father, who'd killed her parents some time ago. Wells died as Charlotte watched, humming an admittedly creepy version of Clarke's gentle song during the death of a character earlier in the episode. Though Wells only stuck around for a short period of time, he will surely always be missed.

Christopher Larkin and Chelsey Reist in The 100 Season 5 Monty and Harper Looking Out Into

2. Monty and Harper

Monty (Christopher Larkin) and Harper (Chelsey Reist) have been one of The 100's most loved romantic couples since the beginning of their relationship in season 3, which is part of the reason the two have earned the second spot on this list together. The couple has gone through many life and death events and tragedies, and it is clear throughout each season that neither of the characters enjoys the troubled life of living on the ground. In the season finale of season 5, it is revealed that while everyone else on the spaceship headed to a new planet went into cryosleep for one hundred and twenty-five years, Monty and Harper remained awake, living their lives on the ship happy and safe from the dangers of the ground. After having a son and growing old together during their years of pseudo-isolation, Monty and Harper died at old ages, having lived fulfilled lives. Though their deaths were the only beautiful and non-tragic character endings on this list, Monty and Harper will truly be missed for seasons to come.

Ricky Whittle in The 100 Season 3 Lincoln Trying to Keep

1. Lincoln

Taking the number one spot of The 100's most memorable and dramatic deaths is Lincoln (Ricky Whittle), one of the show's most loved characters. Lincoln first made his appearance in season one as the grounder who no one knew whether or not to trust. He quickly won all of us over as he revealed his kind heart and compassion for both Skaikru and the Grounders, as well as his undying love for Octavia throughout the seasons. Lincoln's untimely death came in season 3, episode 9 after fighting against Pike and his army and sacrificing himself for the sake of his people. Lincoln slid to his knees in the rain and looked up to the sky as Pike brutally put a bullet into his head for Lincoln's "treasonous" acts. Lincoln's death, two seasons later, still plays a prominent role in the character development of Octavia's character, as well as holds a deeply saddened place in the hearts of the show's viewers. No matter how many seasons the show will continue on, Lincoln's death will be sadly remembered for days to come.

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