The Month Of November As Told By A High School Senior

November went by pretty quick if you ask me.

I mean, 2016, in general, has gone by pretty quick.

It felt like just yesterday I was wishing all of my friends and family a happy new year, as we all celebrated the journey ahead of us.

Next thing you know, it's November in upstate New York, 42 degrees outside, and I have a pile of homework that's not done.

Senior year is not really all it's cracked up to be, and this is not going to be an article about how I'm trying to enjoy senior year before it's over.

No, this is an article about how I feel like I'm drowning in every sea of homework possible.

So, first week of November. You're clearly in the swing of things by now, and so are your teachers.

College? You still haven't applied even though you thought you'd be done by now.

It's becoming more and more clear to you that applying to college is a lot harder than you thought, and just dropping out is looking like the better option.

Even though we all know you won't.

But for right now, your college apps are the last thing on your list of things that need to get done, and that list is only getting longer and longer.

Everyday homework that you may get in math, or science, is starting to look as hard as the 100 question quizzes you've been getting in psychology.

And when you fail (or in my case, almost fail) that quiz, you kind of just don't care.

Even though you used to be that kid who cared about every little grade they got, getting a 72 on a test really isn't that bad anymore.

Taking an art class? It's starting to look like bullshit to you when your teacher starts giving you homework every night.

It's normally a dumb assignment, like draw a room in your house, or draw the contents of your bag, but knowing you've got homework in what should be an easy class, is more aggravating than anything else.

And what even is studying anymore? Because I know it doesn't exist for me anymore.

Napping after school is starting to become a daily thing, and even though I have a pile of unfinished work, hanging out with my friends every night still has to happen.

The month of November, which in reality is only the 3rd month of school for me, is the month of giving up.

Definitely not a month of hope, but hopefully a month of happiness.

It's the month where you wear yogas and a sweatshirt to school every day.

The month where anything your teacher says to you is forgotten the minute you leave their classroom.

And if you write for the Odyssey like I do, it's the month where you kind of don't care that you've been missing your articles. (But let's be real, I totally care that I missed writing articles, but the motivation... just not there anymore.)

I think finally writing an article again, is going to be my first step out of this month of November.

It's more than anything, the month where you look back on your high school career and wonder how you let it get this bad. I hope I can help let you know that you're not the only one.

Having all your own problems on top of school, really doesn't make it any easier.

All I know is, I'd rather do anything besides school work, which isn't good. But November is almost over.

And you know what that means?

It means that December is coming. A month where you basically are "half off" for school.

Next comes new year's, which starts the race to finish the year off right.

June is still a long time away. I'll take hundreds of more quizzes and tests and midterms before then.

So, it's still November, and I'm still stuck in this rut, but, I'll be out soon.

School is basically killing me right now, and I really can't imagine what it must be like for the freshmen in college, but I hope it'll all turn out okay.

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