Everyone has a different relationship with makeup. Some people don't wear it at all, some only wear it for special occasions, and others won't leave the house without it! When it comes to the avid makeup lover (whether highly trained or self-taught) their beauty routine is never boring but often a pain in the butt. Here are just a few things that anyone with a full makeup case can relate to on a deeply spiritual level

1. Accidentally inhaling setting spray

Your oxygen supply is suddenly replaced by Urban Decay All-Nighter...

2. Wondering what primer actually does

Does it really make my foundation stay longer, or is this just a ploy designed by cosmetics companies to take more of my money? (*buys $40 Farsali primer*)

3. Accidentally lash-gluing your eye shut

Who even came up with the idea of putting adhesive near a sensitive body part?! It's even worse when the lash you *finally* get glued down comes off halfway through your day. Like, where's the payoff?

4. Realizing too late that your foundation doesn't match your skin

You thought you could get away with using "warm beige" when you are most definitely an "ivory", but the line of color on your jaw is all too noticeable. But, you've already been working on this look for an hour, so just roll with it.

5. Wearing makeup 6 days in a row and acting surprised when you break out

It's not like you've been clogging your pores with 6-month old drugstore foundation and a dirty beauty blender...

6. Eyeliner wings big enough to fly away

Sometimes they're slaying the game, and other times they're a travesty. But, how they got to this point, you'll never know...

7. Deciding between creme contour/powder contour

Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette or Kim K Contour Sticks? Which one is better? What's the difference? WHY IS THIS CRAP SO COMPLICATED?!

8. Creating a just-got-punched smokey eye

It happens every time; an inevitable fate. You just weren't meant to play with dark colors, and that's okay.

9. Looking like a box of cake mix after over-powdering

You just wanted to be matte...

10. Good eyebrow days!


11. Finding that perfect blush shade

You know you feel like a giddy little schoolgirl in that dusty rose color. It can't be helped!

12. Mascara smudges on your face

"Yes, I know there's black above/below my eyes. No, I do not have the energy to fix it."

13. The horror/awe/confusion on your friends' faces as they watch you apply

They'll never understand. This is a road this must be walked alone.

14. Using zero self-control when applying highlighter

It looks like a supernova exploded on your cheekbones, but I'll be danged if they aren't POPPIN'!

15. Refusing to throw away old/unused products

"But what if I need this Shrek green Maybelline eyeshadow single one day?"

16. Organizing your makeup bag

"I am now a beauty guru with a perfectly crafted bag of secrets. All hail!"

17. Asking your non-makeup friends to let you do their makeup

Women, men, children, Barbies, mannequins...the canvas doesn't matter! You just want the practice!

There are so many pros and cons, ups, and downs to the makeup life, but you wouldn't trade them for the world. Makeup gives you confidence, a creative outlet, and a sometimes a bathroom jam session. Power to the beauty queens!