10 Moments From April's History That You May Or May Not Know

April is a time of pranks and religious holidays. Some would also remember it as the month when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and Maya Angelou, the famous African-American poet and civil rights activist was born. But besides that, I bet you didn’t know what else happened in this month.

1. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated, (April 4th, 1968):

Officially fifty years had passed, and we’re now at a time when the world could really use his leadership and guidance. Dr. King helped pave the way for African-Americans everywhere. No one is likely to forget his famous speech. And no teacher or parent or adult figure would let anyone.

2. Maya Angelou was born (April 4th, 1928):

Our historical first president.

4. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated (April 14th, 1865), and died (April 15th, 1865):

All he wanted to do was see a play....

5. America enters World War I (April 6th, 1917):

We had to fight back.

6. Robert E. Lee surrenders (April 9th, 1865):

And the Union won.

7. F. Scott Fitzgerald published “The Great Gatsby” (April 10th, 1925):

A staple for American high school English classes.

8. Paul Revere took his famous ride (April 18, 1775):

The British had come.

9. The Battle of Lexington and Concord followed (April 19th, 1775):

The shot heard round the world.

10. Library of Congress was established (April 24th, 1800):

The world’s largest library.

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