The Moment You Realize Your Parents Were Always Right
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The Moment You Realize Your Parents Were Always Right

Yes, I'll admit it, but I don't need another "I told you so."

The Moment You Realize Your Parents Were Always Right
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Growing up, it seemed as if our parents only had us so we could be their slaves! Chore charts, cleaning rooms, folding laundry, watering the flowers, vacuuming the living room, and GOD FORBID putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher!

Life was just so unfair thanks to them.

Well once the big bad real world came around in college, their "one day you'll understand" phrase began to sink in. It burned, but it was a much-needed rude awakening.

As kids, the list of things we took for granted could go on for miles: rides to practices, making double trips when we would forget something at home, free meals, bills paid for, making school lunches, master scheduling abilities and their support in all that we did. In all actuality we treated them like our slaves. Without a doubt, mostly everything they did went underappreciated.

As much as we rolled our eyes at their overly joyous picture taking at school dances, as much as we blushed when they would kiss us in front of our friends, as much as we were embarrassed by their endless worry, and angered by their early curfews, all of these things parents do for us children are done out of the truest form of love that exists.

It's an indescribable kind of love, but it is outwardly shown in all of their sacrifices, and inwardly demonstrated in their patience when our childhood arrogance robs them of all the appreciation they deserve.

As if it hasn't already been said countless times before, one day you will look back and realize your parents were always right. Whether you have reached that point in your life by now or not, one day it will hit you and you will feel forever in the debt of the superheroes that raised you.

It's almost scary how not only do they know everything, but everything they know is right.

Mom told you that friendships would only last if you learned to not try and change someone, but rather the way you react to them. Dad warned you that if you don't fill up on gas when it's below 3/4 of a tank, you might end up stranded. If you didn't wear your retainer then you'd have to pay for your second round of braces. If you biked in flip flops you would end up with scrapes and bruises.

If you ordered your favorite dish of spaghetti and meatballs on your first date, there might not be a second date. If you talked about your obsession with what you learned in school that week, then there would most definitely not be a second date. If you didn't like what was being served for dinner, then tough banana peels, you could have a piece of bread. If you didn't find a job, then good luck paying for all the things you wanted.

Sometimes their love was tough, but it was all for the best. So thanks, mom and dad, and all other parents out there, for being rock stars. Your endless sacrifices and efforts without a single expectation of gratitude in return will never cease to amaze me.

So, as much as it may pain my stubborn self to say this, you were right. You always were, and always will be.

Thank you won't ever cut it, but really what phrase ever will?

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