A Thank You Letter To My Superwoman: Mom

Dear Mom,

I'm just going to pretend that every day is Mother's Day for the moment, because a mom like you is worthy of that much appreciation and more. This letter is to thank you for all that you've done for me and for the wonderful and powerful woman that you are. I will preface this with a big, fat: I love you so much!

Whenever anyone asks me who the most important person is in my life or who my biggest inspiration is; my answer is always, "My mom". There has never been any question about it in my whole entire life. You are the one who has passed down your strength, resilience, empathetic nature, nurturing personality, and gentle sensitivity to me. You have taught me what it means to be a woman of strength in a world of so much hate and pain. I know that sometimes you feel pain knowing that certain things are so much more difficult for me because of how immensely I feel emotions and care about things, and because I got those traits from you. In all honesty, though, I wouldn't change it for the world. It's our superpower. Our vulnerability is our strength.

In addition to that, you are literally a living and breathing example of what it is to fight for what you believe in and to build your life from the ground up. You are the symbol of perseverance for me. You have been abandoned, you have been left, you have lost, you have felt pain-- all more than you ever deserved. From that; you have forgiven, you have built, you have shown grace, you have loved, and you have done what was best for you and for your life because you knew you deserved a second chance at the life you have always wanted. You have given me living proof that it is always possible to rise up from failure and conquer, time and time again.

These are all examples of ways that you were amazing and magical before you even became my mother, and how lucky was I to be born into a world in which you were my teacher. I couldn't be any more blessed. My friends always tell me how crazy it is that I have a mother like you, that is so extremely supportive and open with their daughter. Especially in our day and age, it's hard to come around that. It's even more special to me that even after all of the betrayal and hurt that you have experienced, you still have always chosen love and you have always chosen to treat and raise the people around you in the way that you know is right and just: with kindness, compassion and love. There are so many people that I know who weren't raised in the warm embrace of these nurturing traits, and I am so overjoyed that you have given me such beautiful gifts that I now have the privilege to bring into the world and share, myself.

I have never known a more caring person. You always know the solution-- when there's a will, there's a way. You never give up on a single thing that you are passionate about even if it means sacrificing the world. You are the strongest and most beautiful woman I know. You are my mother, and I am endlessly proud to say that's so.

I love you forever and always.

Your daughter.

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