Dear mom and dad,

You wake up every day and the first thing that is on your mind is us, your daughters.

We realize that not everyone can always have the best day ever, but we thank you for trying to make us seem like you do. You have put up with our bad moods, friend drama, and even heartbreaks. But you never fail to help us get back up.

We know that you guys aren't perfect, because neither are we, but to us, we couldn't ask for anyone better to be our parents. You raised us into the young women we are today, and we all know the struggles that came along with that,

But you never gave up on making us the best possible people you could. And for that, you deserve more than a pat on the back. That is why I write this letter to you.


I grew up wanting to be just like you. I will always have a little tom-boy in me from us tossing a football in the front yard to going quad riding in our backyard. Those things made me the strong and hard headed woman I am today.

We both have experienced the same kind of things bringing us closer together as the years go by. You help me through my tough times and through helping me, it benefits you, even though it may not seem like it at the moment.

I want to thank you for driving to Lexington in the middle of the night just to make sure I was alright. I want to thank you for picking me back up when I was at my lowest. I want to thank you for being the best dad a daughter could ask for.

I love you.


I always was a daddy's girl throughout the years, but as I grow up, I realize more and more every day how much you have influenced me. The littlest things you say to me have the biggest impact.

We definitely had our years where we became more distant than we wanted to from each other, but we never stopped loving each other. Yes, we fought A LOT, but through those fights, we actually grew closer together.

When I went away to college, you were always the person I called when I needed advice. You made me feel at home even though I was miles away. You make me feel loved every chance you get and I thank you for that.

I love you.