Politics uses covert language to define and redefine meanings to serve all intents and purposes, other than the ones for the people. Someone who is against all politics, in political terms, is most likely a radical or, more cutting, a verbal terrorist of free speech. While the politicians are demonizing each other, and the country of people they supposedly serve, there are individuals who stand at the center of the political lion's den: a moderate.

There is no right way to describe a moderate; even a label defeats the purpose of a moderate. Centrist, Middleman, Stuck-In-The-Middle-With-You, call them what you like, a moderate is more than just a name or party affiliation. Rather than cater to a one-track mindset, moderates are interested in certain aspects that are agreeable in certain respects. I like ice cream, but I don't like sprinkles on my ice cream. Similarly, I may like other toppings on my ice cream but I don't discount sprinkles altogether since I know someone may like sprinkles on their ice cream. So a moderate is indecisive?

Moderate is not an advocate of an everything-in-moderation mentality. Common sense tells everyone (that is the hope at least and the hope of a moderate) that not everything is good in moderation. Two-party systems all too often have stalemates and from these stalemates, a polished piece of coal disguised in a present gift-wrapped in signed and cosigned legislature is passed on to the people. Of course, the reason there are two differing think tanks is to welcome open debate, discussion, and decision, but the final thought is weighted with one part of the brain over the other. Two minds are not always better than one. So a moderate is a conservative liberal or a populist?

Pesky labels. What do you call someone who defies all labels? Feminist, proletariat, faceless? That's the problem with name-calling, anyone can throw mud on it and turn it into its unflattering toxic counterpart. Moderates, if you can call them that, do most of their thinking outside the box. Stepping outside ourselves is not strictly moderate in the sense that it is a political act. Moderate is saying, "there are two sides to every story" but thinking, "let's look at all sides of the box we are in."

Moderate is being a contrarian who doesn't call you every name in the book because that would just make him another name in the book. Moderate is a dirty word for critical, free thinker. Politicians don't want observant, self-aware minds, they want obedient workers who are just smart enough to do the paperwork or heavy-lifting day-in and day-out and not realize how much their being underpaid and underappreciated.

Soapboxes are for soap, a moderate does not seek unnecessary fame or attention. The goal of a moderate or a discerning individual is to inform and to teach what is more than favorable. They want what is necessary but fair to be done. That's not to say "we'll cross that bridge when we get to it," this is to say "we're building bridges now." Being on the fence can get uncomfortable, but it's where between knows what it means. Finding and using the center is not just for yourself, it's also for the people around the center. Being different is what makes us the same, it's what makes us human.

Don't let politics put you in a box and if they do, poke some holes and carve out a window or better yet a door. Remember to be you, be open, be wise with your and other knowledge. Always be thinking, questioning, helping. It's a dangerous thing not to care or believe, so make sure to discern as you learn.