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A Division-By-Division Review Of The MLB In June

An exciting June caps a marvelous first half of 2019 baseball as we head into the All-Star break.

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(All statistics referenced are from https://www.mlb.com/.)

Over half of the 2019 MLB season is finished and the All-Star break is here. June was an important month for many MLB teams to make their statements, which the Braves and Indians most certainly did. Outside of the NL Central, every division leader has at least a 5.5 game lead, so we are starting to see which teams will definitely play in the postseason barring any crazy outcomes. Without further ado, let's review every division's June.

NL East

Atlanta went an MLB-best 19-8 in June, which they very much needed to cement themselves as the frontrunners in the NL East race. They also led the Major Leagues in home runs in June, as their offense has been red-hot lately. I love to watch this team play and they are easily the most watchable team in the MLB right now. In other news, the Phillies have fallen to 6.5 games back from three games ahead of the Braves, with an absolutely horrendous month. Meanwhile, the Nationals have moved ahead of them with a good month. Pete Alonso has been one of the Mets' only shining stars and has broken the Mets rookie record for homers in a single season... before the All-Star break. He is really quite a spectacle to watch.

NL Central

This division has been even more wildly competitive as of late and I saw this coming after May, but not to this extent. This division is going to be a toss-up and will be decided by whoever plays the best in the last month of the season. If you are an overall baseball fan, then this division is for you. I think the Reds with their good run differential will make a push for that first place spot if everyone can stay healthy. Right now they are last but just 4.5 games back, with the Pirates two back, Cardinals two back, Brewers 0.5 back and Cubs barely in the lead.

NL West

The Dodgers are absolutely dominating the league right now and are running away with the division, sitting at 60-32 on the year and good for a whopping 13.5 game lead in the division. And this is right on the heels of a series loss to the San Diego Padres at home, which almost never happens. The Diamondbacks are back to their disappointing ways after I thought they would make a push in June, while the Padres are showing great upside and with Tatis Jr., will be good for many years to come.

AL East

Yankees are back on top of the AL East as unsurprisingly, Tampa Bay has fallen from their grace. The Yankees have their blistering hot offense to thank for their dominant play in divisional games recently, accounting for the Rays fall to 6.5 games back. The Rays are still good enough to be a wild card team in my humble opinion. I do not see any more changes happening in the division after this point, with the Red Sox may be pushing for a wild-card spot, but judging from how this season has gone and their average June, that is a no.

AL Central

The Twins now lead the AL Central by whole five-and-a-half games over the Cleveland Indians, which would be much larger if the Indians had not heated up during June, who are 15-5 in their last twenty. I expect the Indians to enter the postseason via the wild card as they have returned to form, but I can not see them topping a Twins team who continue to hit home runs at an insane pace.

AL West

The Houston Astros have solidified themselves as the AL West leader with a much-improved team in June and are in a position to defend their title. The A's are hot right now, thanks to players like Matt Chapman picking up the team; if they keep up their play, they have a good shot at the wild card. The Mariners have continued their pathetic pace of play from May, with just a slight improvement. I really thought they would have a surprise year, but those hopes quickly disappeared. All in all, the Astros are in a comfortable spot right now and will easily claim the division.

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