It’s Been 30 Days Since I Saw My Roomie, These Are 30 Things I Miss About Living With Her

First of all, not sure how it has been a month since school ended, but I miss college more than I thought I would. I also miss having a roomie. If you would've asked me this time last year if I was excited to share a room, I would've said no without a glimmer of hesitation. I didn't know that sharing a room would provide me with so many fond memories, including some of these with my forced friend.

Here are a few things I miss about living with my best friend.

1. The silence in the morning when we sit on our phones

2. The struggle of our treck into bed

3. Sitting in our spots watching fixer upper until THE LAST possible second before class

4. Strawberry lemonade from outtakes

5. Snugs n Back rubs

6. Face masks in hopes acne would magically disappear

7. Having a second opinion on all decisions

8. My own personal lint roller after breakups

9. All the ridiculous drama

10. Our *Open door policy only when we feel like it*

11. Tay & Er’s Talk Therapy Office

12. Kendra always singing your song

13. The slumber parties

14. Being the moms 25/8

15. Twitter dms from 6 feet away

16. The BLISS of lowering our beds

17. Yelling for Erin

18. You yelling at me for yelling for Erin

19. Kreischer style improvising because we never had what we needed

20. Religiously using the shuttles

21. Our fridge honestly

22. Learning the worm

23. Xavi’s Bad day

24. using our soundproof door system

25. Our 666 boujee bad luck mailbox

26. Watching all the Friday night festivities from the window of 107

27. Lulu sitting on “the porch”

28. Matching headbands

29. The rug

30. Honestly just living with my best friend :(

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