Being on winter break offers the perfect escape from school, classes, homework, and stress. While I enjoy coming home and seeing my family and friends, I also love my life at college. Some of the things I miss the most are things that I can't get here at home. Though I miss these things now, break will be over before I know it and I'll be enjoying these things again.

Until then, here are all the things I miss about being at college.

1. Being able to do whatever, whenever

At college, I'm down to hang out with my friends late into the night doing the most random things. But at home, I don't have this freedom since I work.

2. Seeing my college friends regularly

Being home gives you the chance to meet up with your high school friends, but it's definitely a bummer not being able to see your college friends happen for a while. Thankfully FaceTime exists.

3. Starbucks or Dunkin nearly every day

Thanks to my meal plan, I could enjoy an iced latte nearly every day if I wanted to. Now that I'm at home, I never get fancy drinks.

4. Some dining hall foods

Home cooking is definitely better, but I know that I'm going to be craving Panda Express' orange chicken soon enough.

5. Favorite places around campus

Like the top floor of my university library that has an amazing view of campus.

6. Favorite places around my college town

Like the cute coffee shops downtown, since my hometown doesn't have anything like them.

7. My dorm room

It's nice being able to have my own space to hang out in.

8. Being able to walk to everything

Everything I need is only minutes away at school. At home, I have to drive to everything.