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5 Misconceptions about Homeschoolers that are wrong

Everything you thought about homeschoolers is wrong! Here are 5 misconceptions I have grew up hearing.

Jasmin Johnson
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Growing up, I have heard many misconceptions about homeschoolers that are downright wrong. Being home-schooled myself and recently graduated, I have grown to learn that the homeschooling lifestyle is often misunderstood. Here are 5 misconceptions Homeschoolers hear all the time.

1. We don't socialize.


We do in fact, socialize through homeschool groups and co-ops where we get together and take classes with our friends.

2. We aren't allowed out of the house.

We are allowed out of the house, to do just about whatever we want with permission, of course. We are not stuck in a tower with no way out.

3. We never do school.


I laugh at this assumption all the time. It would be nice to not do school, but, that would defeat the purpose of calling ourselves "homeschoolers". We kinda have to do school "at home" to earn that title.

4. We do school all the time.

Now, this one is a little true..... Just kidding, Homeschoolers find a balance so that we have time to do school work and other activities such as hanging out with friends, working a job, or having downtime.

5. We are super smart.


It is true homeschoolers are held to a higher standard on things like standardized testing and such, but, some things didn't come that easily to me without hard work and studying.

To say in short, I loved being homeschooled and I am thankful for the experience. All the assumptions and misconceptions did get annoying but it was nice to be able to do my school work from the comfort of my bed. Were you homeschooled or did a virtual school? What some assumptions you have heard? Comment Below!

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