If you’ve ever logged onto Twitter, you may or may not know about the self-proclaimed “Dangerous Faggot” Milo Yiannopoulos. Now your opinion on him can stem from an absolute love of his fabulous hair and his love of Donald Trump, or a sense of rage based on the way he words things and the way he openly critiques Feminism and Islam as ideologies. Now whether you agree or disagree with his ideas isn’t always the best way to think of ideas. One might alienate themselves from a certain point of view just because it wasn’t worded properly or because it appeared to be bigoted, but was it? Is it wrong to criticize a movie such as "Ghostbusters" for being “entirely out of spite?” Now I watched the movie myself, and while I didn’t enjoy it very much as it was nothing like the original from its forced attempt at humor and inability to get the plot going. Do I think it’s out of spite, however? Not really. Do I think it did the original an injustice? Absolutely.

It didn’t take very long for Milo’s review to cause an uproar from both the "Ghostbuster" supporters and the "Ghostbusters" detractors. Now whether or not you enjoyed the movie here isn’t all that big a deal, but what is a big deal is why you didn’t enjoy it. Some may respond “Cause it has all girls in it” on either side and that would be a terrible way to respond, but just because someone liked or disliked the movie, doesn’t mean they disliked it because of sexism which Milo was being accused of. Leslie Jones, one of the main characters who in my eyes is a better comedian than actress didn’t take the review well, tweeting her desire to ban Milo from twitter. Milo responded by claiming she looked like one of his ex-boyfriends and by claiming she had a poor grasp of the English language. Immediately following this were a series of tweets directed to Leslie Jones and the permanent banishment of Milo from twitter.

If you’re a liberal and use the free company argument, do me a favor. Look up the word hypocrite and you’ll find it there. I think the response to Leslie Jones was appalling and should’ve been dealt with seriously as no one deserves the level of scrutiny and alleged threats of violence directed towards her. However, it’s safe to say that Milo did not incite any of the hatred that was dealt with her as he did not imply nor did he direct anyone to go after Leslie the way she was attacked. This wasn’t the first time Milo has had twitter beef. It started when he was openly criticizing the ideology of feminism and what it has become by asking twitter “would you rather your child have cancer or be a feminist?” Cancer won by the way. This lead to Milo getting his twitter verification check removed. Then he began criticizing the Islam ideology and was banned and began to lose followers in the tens of thousands per minute. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back as his criticism of the movie lead to the twitter riot that caused his ban. Yet, ISIS twitter accounts still exist, and people who advocate for law enforcement to die can have twitter, and Leslie Jones told her fans to “Get Her” to a woman who insulted her. Now if I recall, wasn’t that last part exactly what Milo was banned for?