22 Classic Children's Toys That Millennials Can't Wait To Give To Their Children
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22 Childhood Memories Millennials Can't Wait To Relive Through Their Children

It would not be surprising if we brought back these awesome childhood favorites.

22 Childhood Memories Millennials Can't Wait To Relive Through Their Children
Carol Schell

As the baby boomers and gen X start to age and leave management positions, Millennials are starting to take them over.

Although older generations put down millennials, they are pretty innovative and are a group that is highly nostalgic. We are the generation that loved the way we grew up and the things we had during that time. Unfortunately, a lot of the things we grew up were retired or didn't cut new "safety" standards.

It would not surprise me if we millennials become creative and bring back these items or spin-offs of them because we want to relive our childhood through our children one day.

Classic books.


There was a reason we used to love reading as children and that was because of the unique books. We had the classics like "The Berenstain Bears," "Magic Treehouse," "Geronimo Stilton," and "Junie B. Jones." Personally, I've kept my books like those so my kids can read those and not the boring ones that we have today.

Delicious snacks.


Dunkaroos, Gripz, etc. Who cares if they constitute as healthy or not? They were delicious and awesome snacks to pack with a lunch.

Bratz dolls.


Barbies are cool and all, but Bratz dolls was where it was at.



MyScene dolls were so much fun to play with too. They also had an online website to play games which was yet another fun memory us millennial girls had.



This game was one the best games for girls. Who said gaming had to be for just guys?

Gameboy and Nintendo DS.


There was no thing as xbox or even wii yet. Gameboys were the ORIGINAL gaming device and it was a classic. They were the best handheld device and were indestructible. Who knows, maybe we'll have a monkey ball war on gameboys again one day.

Littlest Pet Shop.


There isn't much to say besides these toys being so darn adorable. They were also a great size to use with other toys such as barbies. I mean you can have your barbie dolls run a pet shop!

Nabisco and Post websites.


Having computers in your house was a big deal, even if you got to play online for only an hour. The websites such as Nabisco and Post had some of the most fun games. It wouldn't be shocking if these types of games were re-created.

The original Trix.


Trix no longer became Trix when they lost their fruit shape. They lost their shape and amazing flavor which just killed the brand for us millennials.

The old Disney channel.


"That's So Raven," "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," "Hannah Montana," and "Lizzie McGuire" were just some of the greatest shows ever that Disney created. Obviously these can't be brought back because characters aged (unless it's re-runs), but even the scripts and concepts behind them were fantastic. The Disney shows now a days are stupid and dumb down things so much.

And the old Disney channel movies.


Let's just say we need to bring back "Cadet Kelly," "The Cheetah Girls." "Luck of the Irish." "Halloweentown," and "Read It An Weep." There were so man classic Disney and Disney channel movies that were golden and just need to be aired on TV again. Or a service like netflix for all of these movies/shows would be a HIT.

ABC Family.


Free-what? Once ABC Family switched to Freeform it went downhill. The lineup's for the holiday seasons just turned into repeating the same 5 movies 30 times. It also had some of the best shows such as "Make It Or Break It," "Secret Life Of An American Teenager," or "Pretty Little Liars."

Polly pocket.


Polly pocket was also a classic along with Barbies and Bratz. They were perfect for literally sticking in your pocket and taking them anywhere with you!

The genius commercials (and their characters).


Let's be real, commercials are boring no matter what, but commercials anymore are lame. At least we had the cool characters like the tiger for frosted flakes, the cinnamon and apple for apple jax, and the cookie for chips ahoy.



These shoes were the BEST. They were perfect because you can pop the wheel in and out. Too bad baby boomers and gen x got mad and banned them for kids using them inside. Honestly though would you rather have kids using heelys inside or a hoverboard that can explore/catch fire? Heelys don't seem as harmful now, do they?



Video Now was one of the most amazing toys. See when were at that age we had the Razor phones and couldn't watch videos yet on them. These video players were the best for traveling or watching a show in your room. I remember watching the Lizzie McGuire videos.

Lite Brite.


Want your kid to sit entertained for hours on end without technology? Give them a lite brite. This was another great toy millennials had growing up.

Lisa Frank.


Where are my millennial girls at?! If you didn't have Lisa Frank everything you were definitely the odd one out. All of the patterns and fun designs is what Lisa Frank was all about. Too bad our kids have to be stuck with boring school supplies unless someone brings Lisa Frank back.

The original Cartoon Network.


Let's bring back the original Cartoon Network. Yet another channel that got rid of the greatness of "Catdog," "Ed, Edd n Eddy," "Powderpuff Girls," and "Courage the Cowardly Dog" for mediocre shows.

Easy bake ovens.


Yes there are still Easy Bake ovens today, but they are nowhere near the original ones. Easy bake ovens were fun for all of us growing up and even though they never came out like the pictures or commercials, they were pretty darn good snacks.

Book fairs.


This was a day that we LIVED for in elementary school. Once we saw those portable shelves and flyers start getting passed around, we knew that the scholastic book fair was coming. These book fairs made it fun to go get books for great prices and there were always some cool things to buy there too like the bundles where you get a book and a necklace with it.

Skip It.


Give us a skip it and we will be entertained for hours on end... or until our ankles are bruised.

Now not all of these things will necessarily be brought back nor can we replicate them exactly as they were years ago, but we are a nostalgic group of people who want our kids to have the same fun we did.

We often get criticized for things we do or we hear how kids are always on technology, well at least we had some pretty darn good toys growing up that we enjoyed playing both with toys/our friends and going on computers for a reasonable time.

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