In the 2016 presidential election, one of the most unfortunate factors leading to Donald Trump's success was the silence of the 18-29 age group. Millennials have the lowest voter turnout rate in America, despite the fact that they have the potential to hold the most significant amount of political power. The things millennials care about are inherently political, but voter registration still remains too low to challenge the Baby Boomer generation.

This is not entirely their fault..

Young people are pioneering social movements across the nation; they face struggles that older citizens have never been fully familiar with, in financial, racial, and environmental spheres. It is clear that there is a great deal of issues worth discussing for millennials, but there have been blockages in voter registration in recent years that have wrapped red tape around the ankles of young voters, many of whom are forced to jump through the hoops of provisional ballots. Because the younger generations are made less aware of how the political process works, their voter eligibility is questioned, and they are punished for their lack of knowledge about the subject.

But all is not lost. Especially in collegiate environments, organizations are arising that make it easier than ever to increase youth involvement in politics. At UVA, The NextGeneration organization is attempting to not only increase voter registration on Grounds but also increase awareness about a variety of issues affecting young people today. By volunteering and education oneself, the older generations will have no other choice but to see millennials for the true political force that they are.