16 Foods Only A Midwesterner Truly Appreciates (And Loves More Than Life Itself)

16 Foods Only A Midwesterner Truly Appreciates (And Loves More Than Life Itself)

If theres anything we love as much as football and the word 'ope', it's food.


The Midwest is a special place. We love our sports, we love the Great Lakes, we love to respond to any situation with a resounding 'ope.' Another thing we love? Our food. Here are just some of our midwestern fan favorites.

1. Ranch

The king of condiments that pairs with just about everything.

2. Velveeta Cheese

The ultimate melting cheese, perfect for dips.

3. Or any cheese in general tbh

Thank you, Wisconsin.

4. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Combine those listed above with shredded chicken and you have perfection.

5. Chicken strips or nuggets

Probably dipped in ranch.

6. Corn

If you're surrounded by it, why not eat it?

7. Puppy Chow

No, I'm not talking about what you feed your dog.

8. Hamburgers, hot dogs and bratwurst

Famous at ballparks, diners and backyard cookouts alike.

9. Cincinnati style chili

10. Beer

Nectar of the gods.

11. Food that is cooked and/or soaked in beer.

Beer bratwurst, anyone?

12. Beer Cheese Soup

Combining the best of both worlds.

13. Ketchup

If it's not dipped in ranch, it's probably dipped in ranch.

14. Donuts

A good donut shop can be a towns claim to fame.

15. Buckeyes

I don't mean the nut, I mean the delicious candy.

16. Anything deep fried or on a stick

Just walk around any state or county fair and see what you can find.

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