As students, we walk around campus every day and we are bombarded with opinionated thoughts, dramatic tweets, Facebook rants, Facebook live videos and everything you could possibly imagine, filled with the word "Trump". Everyone seems to have some sort of opinion about the word "Trump", and most of the opinions are not taken lightly. I think it is about time we lightened the word and push through our semester with a good laugh.

When your professor asks the class a question, and you actually have the answer.

You may have answered the easiest question, but you have to get those "participation" points somehow.

When you have to give a presentation and you forget the last 2 minutes of what you were supposed to say.

18 credit hours, 6 classes, study hours, a part-time job, 6 professors, 12 TA's, and you expect us to give a 15-minute presentation about how yellow tinted apples effect the length of our hair.

When your professor doesn't round your test grade from a 56% to an A.

We all make mistakes.

When your parents ask "How is the semester going?"

We promise we will graduate at some point.

When the semester carries on and there is a less population of students every day.

Dropped classes are kinda like protestors who get kicked out of rallies, ya know?

Planning for spring break is the only thing on your mind.

#thighgap #diet #vogue #spranggbreakkk

When all of your professors schedule your midterms within the same 48 hours.

I am set up for failure.

When you somehow have more than $25 in your bank account.

It is a rare occasion.

And when you spend that $25 on 3 bottles of cheap Moscato.


Diet? What does that mean?

Late night studying always turns into late night cravings.

When you come to the conclusion that you have learned everything you know from Google.

Paying $6,000 every 5 months to type questions into google.

Realizing that you have numerous weeks left in the semester.

It will take every ounce of the Red Bull corporation to get us through this semester.

Running late to class, but making it just in time for the professor to call you out for being late.

I made it to class, drenched in sweat, and you have the nerve to give me social anxiety?

When you decide to take a nap, and then "accidentally" sleep through any sort of priorities.

Sleeping is good for our health, ya know?

When someone asks "didn't you wear that yesterday?"

No, I just own this shirt in 5 different colors.

We may not have it all together, but together we can make college great again.