I Learned What The Term "Micro-Cheating" Was And The Eye-Rolling Was So Real
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I Learned What The Term "Micro-Cheating" Was And The Eye-Rolling Was So Real

Stop accusing your boyfriend of cheating because of that one article you saw on twitter.

I Learned What The Term "Micro-Cheating" Was And The Eye-Rolling Was So Real

The term 'micro-cheating' has blossomed up all over social media recently.

It's almost exactly what it sounds like-- minuscule acts of unfaithfulness to your partner. Except, that's not really what it is.

Basically, micro-cheating is a number of different ways you and/or your partner could be "cheating" in your relationship without even realizing it.

It includes but isn't limited to; liking too many of another person's Instagram pictures, looking at other people's stories, excessive emoji usage, getting excited over hearing from other people that aren't your partner, snap chatting/texting others, among other things that may be interpreted as unfaithful.

When I first heard about this, the eye rolling was so real.

Like seriously. When did it become a crime to have platonic friendships?

Girls with boyfriends should be able to have friendships with boys without feeling guilty. Same goes for boys with girlfriends, girls with girlfriends, boys with boyfriends-- whoever. If you're mature enough to be in a romantic relationship with someone, you should be mature enough to realize they can be friends with whoever they want.

Now, just because you're not "cheating" doesn't mean you're totally free of guilt.

In the day and age of social media that we live in, there are more opportunities for jealousy and hurt feelings to come about. There's a huge difference between behavior that causes a partner to be jealous and behavior that can be denoted as "cheating". With that said, partners should be open to discussing what they're comfortable and uncomfortable with as far as how each other interacts with other people.

If something makes your partner uncomfortable, you should stop.

Does being jealous mean you've been cheated on? Of course not. Instead of labeling small ambiguous acts as "cheating" and sending signals of panic all across the internet, let's leave these conversations and boundaries up for couples to decide on their own.

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