The ABCs of Michigan State University
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Student Life

The ABCs of Michigan State University

It's just as easy as 123!

The ABCs of Michigan State University

Michigan State University may just be one of the greatest universities out there for many obvious (and not so obvious) reasons. If you're new to Michigan State or planning to be a future Spartan, you're going to want to know these ABC's that make up Spartan life. Anyone who goes to or has graduated from MSU will know every letter below!

A. Attending Games

Whether its a Friday night football game or a home basketball game, attending sporting events is a huge part of the college experience at MSU.

B. Beaumont Tower

One of MSU's most notable landmarks, you won't get tired of hearing the bell tower go off every hour. Also becomes handy for telling time.

C. CATA Buses

Name another way to get around campus, especially in the winter when students are packed like sardines in these buses.

D. Dairy Store Ice Cream

Easily some of the best ice cream (and other dairy products) that you will ever taste

E. East Lansing

The proud home of Michigan State and the best college town around.

F. Farm Lane Walk Sign

You just have to cross Farm Lane once to know what this means

G. Grand River Ave.

Home to just about all of MSU's greatest restaurants, shops, and bars. Perfect place to spend a Friday night with friends.

H. Home Games

Home Games = Tailgates

I. Izzone

The special student section for the basketball games. Named after our amazing basketball coach.

J. Jenison Fieldhouse

A great place to do sporting activities and also the only idea for the letter J.

K. Kissing Under the Beaumont Tower

Legend says if you kiss someone under the shadow of the tower, you'll get married to them.

L. Late Night at the Union

Easily some of the best "free" food you can get when its 10pm and you need something to eat.

M. Midnight Scream

Finals week tradition where everyone screams out of their window at midnight, need I explain more?

N. North Neighborhood

Many say that this neighborhood resembles Hogwarts. Also this is the prettiest neighborhood and that won't change.

O. "On The Banks of the Red Cedar..."

"There's a school that's known to all". Name a better way to start a fight song.

P. Parking Tickets

No matter where you park, you're bound to get a parking ticket at some point if you have a car on campus.

Q. Quiet Hours

All dorms have these, but are they really followed? I think not.

R. Red Cedar River

That big, beautiful river that flows right in the middle of campus. Great place to relax and even feed some ducks.

S. Sparty

Our School Mascot, of course!

T. Tom Izzo

The greatest basketball coach not only at MSU, but the Big Ten as well.

U. Union

Great place for students to study, eat, and hang out with friends! Also, did I mention free bowling on Wednesdays here?

V. Victory For MSU

Our one and only great fight song. You even get a key chain at orientation with the words to the song on it, so there's no excuse for not knowing it.

W. (Go) White

What you say when someone says "Go Green". Please do not say "Go Green" back, you will learn this at orientation as well.

X. Xavier Tillman

He and Cassius Winston have helped make up the MSU basketball team for the past few years. A legendary player.

Y. Yawning

That thing you do in your 8 am class after staying up all night cramming in last-minute work, or partying, or doing anything else but sleeping.

Z. Zeke the Wonder Dog

A good boy who is an icon at MSU. Also does cool tricks at football games.

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