To Sue The Victims Of A Mass Shooting May Seem Heartless But MGM Resort Is Doing It

To Sue The Victims Of A Mass Shooting May Seem Heartless But MGM Resort Is Doing It

Yes unfortunately you read that right.


MGM Resorts, who owns one of the most famous Las Vegas hotels, Mandalay Bay, is now suing the victims of last October's mass shooting.

Last October, 58 people were killed and several hundred people were wounded when a gunman opened fire from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay. This was one of the deadliest mass shootings in the history of the United States.

MGM Resorts decided to sue these victims to dismiss liability against them in these deaths or injuries. Although they are not financially suing, how could they not be liable? They have cameras everywhere and can track every penny spent on the casino floor yet they didn't know an individual was carrying an arsenal into his hotel room? That's unacceptable. To get on a plane you have to go through multiple security checks before you can even step foot on the plane. Why don't hotels have more security? I would be totally content with a longer process for checking into a hotel if it meant having good security especially in Las Vegas--one of the biggest cities and travel destination in the world.

To sue the victims of this mass shooting may seem, oh I don't know, HEARTLESS but don't worry an MGM spokeswoman really corrected the situation. MGM spokeswoman Debra DeShong said, "the Federal Court is an appropriate venue for these cases and provides those affected with the opportunity for a timely resolution. Years of drawn-out litigation and hearings are not the best interest of victims, the community and those still healing" in a statement on Monday. Wow. I have never heard something more outrageous in my entire life.

I didn't write this article to talk about gun control. I didn't write this article to talk about money. I wrote this article because everyone needs to know how slimy and low this situation is. People suffered indescribable sheer terror. People LOST THEIR LIVES because other people don't want hotel staff looking through their bags. We as human beings in this country need to realize that one minor inconvenience to you could save other people's lives. 9/11 happened and no one complains anymore about airport security. Hotels need to be more diligent about security. If this can happen in Vegas this can happen anywhere.

Everyone is up in arms about this now. But as history has shown time and time again this will just be a tiny blip in the radar for MGM. People will still support them by staying at their hotels. People will still gamble in their casinos. And eventually, people will forget. Bigger stories will hit the news and this situation will get brushed under the rug.

I'm going to Las Vegas next summer for my 21st and there is absolutely no way in hell that I'm spending any money at the MGM resorts. I refuse to support this.

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To Kaitlin Bennett, The Girl Who'd Rather Intimidate Than Protect

A few weeks ago, a post on Twitter went viral with a girl posing in front of the Kent State University sign with an AR-10 slung over her should and this letter addresses some of the holes that are in her story.


Dear Kaitlin Bennett,

When I first saw your graduation pictures, I was floored. There you were, in your white dress, cap in hand, with an AR-10 slung over your shoulder with the Kent State University sign in the background. And coming from a small, rural, mostly conservative town, I knew how many supporters would quickly come to your side and my heart sank.

This world needs a lot of things but the presence of guns on a school campus is not one of them.

I've read news articles and have read through your twitter along with your responses to people who have disagreed with you. And despite your harsh replies and rude comments to those who disagreed with you, you still gained numerous followers.

Despite harassing David Hogg, a high schooler who survived the Douglas High School shooting, people still support you.

I understand that you believe that if students were allowed to be armed, to "protect" themselves, the shooting of May 4th would not have happened. That Kent State would not have lost the lives of four students and that nine other students would not have been injured.

But do you have any idea how many others would have been injured or killed if students had been permitted to carry the same military-style weapons that the National Guard was carrying?

I am a student at Virginia Tech and I wholeheartedly believe in gun control because of what happened to our campus on April 16th in 2007. We lost 32 people that day to an armed student. An armed student who should not have been able to get his hands on such a weapon to be able to kill that many people.

An armed student who should have been given better access to mental health care rather than to military-style weapons.

In your interview on Fox and Friends, you made it clear that you want to carry weapons as a form of intimidation rather than protection. That if you had been carrying when your group was at that rally, your cameraman would not have been assaulted. You know what this is? This is called intimidation which stems from a bullying mentality.

And the United States needs a lot of things but more bullies are not one of them.

You have mocked and bullied David Hogg on social media. You have mocked his physical appearance by calling him "skinny arms". Does that have anything to do with gun control? With owning guns?

No, but it has everything to do with what you stand for which is more bullying and superiority of a machine that can take a human life with just one click.

You said in an interview that since your post, you have received death threats which surprised you since everyone knows that you are armed. This just goes to show that publicly carrying a gun is not a deterrent.

You say you want to openly, and legally, carry weapons so that you can protect yourself. However, your actions speak louder than your words that you preach on social media. You say you want protection yet you always resort back to referring to guns as a form of intimidation.

So, if you are going to use this platform that you have created for yourself, at least get your thoughts together and use it for the good of the people rather than a bully for those who have already fought battles that you could not even imagine fighting.

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The Reality Of Gun Violence In America Is That ALL Of It Is Preventable And NONE Of It Is Ok

It happens a lot more than we hear about.


Exactly a year after Parkland, there had been nearly 350 mass shootings in the U.S., defined as a shooting in which four or more people, excluding the shooter, were shot but not necessarily killed. That number is very close to one every day in the year since.

If we look even farther back than just one year ago in Parkland, if we go all the way back to Sandy Hook in December 2012, when the mantra of "never again" was adopted, there has been nearly 2,000 mass shootings since. Over 2,200 people were killed, and nearly 8,200 were wounded. Since 2013, there has only been one full calendar week in the U.S.--the week of January 5, 2014--that did not have a mass shooting. From January 1 of this year to February 14, there had been 37 mass shootings, which saw 60 people killed and 113 wounded.

The worst part is, mass shootings happen so often now that we don't always hear of them. In the past year since the Parkland shooting, I had only heard of a handful of the nearly 350 mass shootings that took place. And that's not because I don't pay attention. When I'm at home, I'd watch the morning or nightly news with my family--which, for Chicago news stations, involves a lot of gun violence stories--and when I'm in college and don't have a TV, I read a lot of news articles online. I care about what happens in this nation, what happens around me. And perhaps that's why, as a human being, all of this hurts so much.

The more articles I read about the shooting in Aurora at Henry Pratt Co., the more statistics I find relating to gun violence and mass shootings, the more I read about the so-called national emergency our president declared, the more painful this all becomes. To think that so many people are losing their lives to gun violence and mass shootings and there's relatively nothing being done to stop it, no recognition from the leader of our nation, it's incredibly sickening. It's all unnecessary bloodshed, innocent lives being taken. I absolutely hate that I have to write this--I shouldn't have to write this.

Citizens of this country should not be afraid to go to work. They shouldn't have to worry about being shot on their first day on the job, whether an intern or full-time employee--they've already got first-day nerves, the added fear of a shooting does not need to be there. They shouldn't have to be afraid to go to school, not knowing if they'll be able to make it home that day. Parents shouldn't be scared to send their kids to school, either. And college kids worst nightmare shouldn't be not being able to make it home if something happened to their parents or siblings or friends during a mass shooting. A president's response to this shouldn't be a routine. We shouldn't be numb to hearing about yet another mass shooting.

All of this is preventable. All of this needs to be addressed. None of this is okay.

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