Growing up, I always used to watch a few episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" here and there with my Mom--the age-appropriate episodes, that is. As a junior in college, I've now decided that it's time to start filling in the holes in my Grey's knowledge, and I've officially begun watching it from the very beginning on Netflix. Meredith Grey is easily my favorite character for so many reasons--I have no shame in admitting that I wish I had her attitude.

Here are 11 reasons why Meredith Grey is my hero:

1. She's practically indestructible.

Honestly, though. How many near-death situations can one person possibly survive? She's got to be at least part superhero.

2. She knows that the girls always come first.

I mean, Derek may be her husband, but Cristina is her person. And that takes priority.

3. She knows that there are a lot of expectations that come with being a woman, and she's not afraid to defy them openly.

Realistically, no girl shaves her legs all of the time. Nobody has time for that. Anybody who claims otherwise is a liar.

4. She knows what she wants, and she's not afraid to ask for it.

It's hard sometimes to really open up to a person and express just how much you want to be with them. But Meredith did; she told Shepard how she felt, she told him that she wanted him, and she told him to pick her over Addison. She knew what she wanted, she asked for it--and eventually, she got it.

5. She knows how great she is, and she definitely won't settle for anyone who does not treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

Yes, you are, Mer. You're the sun, and you tell him.

6. At the same time, she knows she's not perfect.

We all have our own issues. She's not the only one. But she is brave enough to admit that she has issues.

7. She's honest.

If you ask her to tell you the truth, you better be prepared to hear it.

8. Sometimes she might be a little too honest.

But really, we all have those days when we hate people. People are exhausting.

9. She's only human, and she doesn't have it together all of the time.

And like it or not, she'll tell you if she doesn't have it altogether; she'll admit it if she's not alright. So if you ask her if she's okay, you should actually be interested in her answer.

10. Honestly, she probably doesn't have it together most of the time.

But in classic Meredith Grey style, she's honest about that, too. She'll never pretend to be perfect.

11. She found her fairytale ending.

She may not have gotten to have it for as long as she wanted, but Meredith did get to experience what it feels like to live happily ever after for a moment. And a moment of happiness is really all we can ask for.