Merchandise For Potterheads
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Merchandise For Potterheads

Bundle up, wizards.

Merchandise For Potterheads

If you're planning on going to see the latest installment of The Wizarding World, Fantastic Beasts and Wear To Find Them, then you know you're on a Potterhead level this fall. Maybe you're a Ravenclaw, or your best friend is a Gryffindor, or you know a few Slytherins and Hufflepuffs. Whatever your house, there is an endless supplies of merchandise to show off your (fashionable) pride this fall. Don't be alarmed, my days of graphic fan t-shirts are long gone - I am here to provide you with cute, comfy, and chic ways to show your house style, or things to gift your fellow Potterheads with this holiday season. Without further adieu, "Accio merchandise!"

1. Slytherin Crew Socks

These little things will keep your feet devilishly warm and cozy while your mind is up to something. Whether you're plotting the latest revenge against one of your enemies, or simply just being your ambitious self - these socks will remind you to be your cunning self. They're perfect for casual wear, or you could even cuff them out of your combat boots and remind them who is about to score that House Cup.

Buy here!

2. Ravenclaw Scarf

Keeping your neck warm is something that us Ravenclaw's take very seriously, as we want to preserve our health and in some cases, voice, for all of our artistic pursuits. You and your fellow Ravenclaws can wear this on your way to the library on a chilly fall morning, or accessorize it with your homemade sweater that you spent a week knitting. Whatever you choose, this blue and white scarf will compliment your incomparable wit.

Keep that wit warm!

3. Gryffindor Pullover Sweater

All of your Gryffindor house colors are coordinated into this simple and casual pullover sweater. You can deliver that brave Gryffindor edge by sliding it slightly off of your shoulder, and remain calm, cool, and collected by sticking your hands in its pockets. It could pair greatly with a pair of black jeans, some leggings, or a broomstick: your choice.

The Sorting Hat insists.

4. Hufflepuff Hat

You Hufflepuffs are so kind, so cute, so thoughtful! Treat your head with the same thought and kindness and bundle it up with this little yellow and black number. It's probably just as warm as your Hufflepuff heart and it's golden hue will cheer up everyone around you. Plus, Cedric Diggory would probably notice you if you were wearing this - and who wouldn't want that? And, there's a pom pom on top - to prove how adorable and quirky you are!

You're so sweet.

5. Ravenclaw Quidditch Sweater

Just because Ravenclaws tend to be doing their homework or reading a good book, it doesn't mean that we don't like to get out a bit and support the athletes! With this comfy and sleek cream sweater, you can show your sports pride and hopefully meet a Keeper worth keeping (wow)! For those chilly football nights at the stadium, this is the perfect piece of apparel to make sure that you are warm enough to cheer on your team.

Yay, sports!

6. Muggle Christmas Sweater

No houses are excluded from wearing this ugly Christmas sweater - but Muggles need not apply. With a magical spin on the classic Christmas quote, you can let everyone know of your Wizarding World status. I would even suggest wearing it around your relatives this holiday season when they are bound to discuss the depressing Muggle topics of 2016. Put this under the tree this year and decide who's a Muggle and who is worthy of a wand!

Vernon Dursley is a Muggle - spread the word!

7. House Cup Sleeves

Once again, a gift for all of the houses to share! If you're annoyed by Starbucks' choice of awkward cup design this year, go ahead and cover it up with one of these! My suggestion would be to order a nice Butterbeer latte, grab a couple of your friends (make sure they are of diverse houses), and sit in your local coffee shop, attracting a lot of attention from your fellow geeks and nerds. Your drink will be kept warm, and you might just enjoy it more.

Four Butterbeers, please!

8. Slytherin Polka Dot Sweater

Just because you are sneaky, doesn't mean that you can't be quirky! With this adorable sweater, you can show off the softer side of your Slytherin self while showing off the crest at the same time. It's just the right balance between style and fandom apparel, and it looks especially cozy. You could pair this with some black riding boots, and get ready to serve everyone some serious, but charming, attitude.

Did someone say Draco Malfoy?

9. Gryffindor Gloves

These might not keep your fingers warm, but a wand is hard to handle with mittens. These cozy little additions to your outerwear will be easy to slip on as you attack the cold air with bravery and confidence. You can also show off your cool rings, because as a Gryffindor, you're bound to have some impressive jewels. If the heat breaks in your apartment, you can cuddle up by the fire with these guys - not that I'm hoping that the heat breaks, of course.

Or worse, expelled.

10. Ravenclaw Mug

This Ravenclaw mug just screams artistic ability, and we know that it must be filled with some intelligent mixture of tea with the exact and perfect ratio of honey added to it. Perhaps there is some sugar in there as well, just a sprinkle. You can daydream about Pygmy Puffs as you wake up in the morning and get your day started. Just imagine how put together you'll feel as your take some dainty sips out of this mug, all while wearing a comfy sweater. I can see it now - the perfect addition to your mug collection (you don't fool me, Ravenclaws).

Tea beyond measure.

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