One in four people in the world will have to fight the battle with mental health. And around 450 million people currently suffer from this war. 450 million, but let's throw out the numbers and think about this. Everyone has something, but some people are fighting a real life-threatening battle.

To the girls and guys who are reading this and are suffering from depressive disorder, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and the other ones I could name this is for you. I know you can't seem to comprehend why your brain just tells you to sleep all day, or you think there is no purpose because nothing makes you happy anymore, or you are drowning in worry and your brain is going in overload on every single possibility. I know how much it pains you to have to keep it hush hush because society and "normal people" think you are a complete psychopath who can't deal with life.

But you can, there's hope, there's an answer. SPEAK, SEEK, AND SURVIVE

Mental illness is something we shouldn't hide. We don't need to lose more life-giving human beings to suicide. It's something worth accepting and getting to understand how this is real. It's nothing to be thrown on the back burner and just kicked to the curb like a pile of dirt. Mental illness is not dirt, it's a freaking volcano that needs to be looked at and taken care of.

Coming from someone who suffers from mini depression and panic attacks/anxiety...oh wait... erase that. I can't say that.

But I Just Did

I know how hard it can be putting yourself there, even in typing "THE" words. But the most powerful thing to do is to just say it. Talk to someone, don't let your last words be something fake. Let it be the person who is crying for help. Don't let the last action you do add to just a number that goes unnoticed. Your life is bigger than a number that consumes a stigma and can't be taken seriously. We need you. We need you as much as your story has meaning.

Have you ever thought about if we started speaking and reaching out and creating a world were no one would have to be afraid to talk about their true struggles, I think "feeling alone" would decrease and more people would reach out to get help. Now the next thing to add to this is medication. The big ole "you don't need any medication, you can just get rid of it by yourself. You are fine, stop complaining, you don't need it."

I refuse to believe that getting the proper treatment suitable for anyone makes us weak or crazy. Nor do I believe that about anyone else who takes other medication. With a combination of medication and regularly seeing a therapist, I have been able to slowly grow to live my days much happier and healthier. We should be speaking out and making others aware that treatment for mental disorders is not shameful, but rather a proactive step in the right direction to living a productive life. Your mental state is as important as your physical well being.