How Men And Women Think Differently About Relationships
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Ask A Couple The Same Questions Separately And You'll See One Relationship, Two Perspectives

I interviewed one couple separately to see how they'd answer questions on their relationship.

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Hannah Moffitt

One of my best friends Jason started dating his current girlfriend named Bekah about six months ago. The love they share is pure and it's wonderful as their friend to see them so happy. Therefore, I decided to interview them both with seven questions about their relationship. I asked them both these questions separately to get each person's genuine and honest answers.

Question 1: How long have you two been together?


We've been together for almost 6 months.


Jason and I have been officially together for almost 6 months, but we were pretty exclusive for a month before that, and we've been friends for two years.

Question 2: What was your first impression of her/him?


When I first met Bekah we were at an event with our church, Gator Wesley, and we were bowling at the student union. It was my first time at a Wesley event and I was surrounded by a bunch of people who I didn't know. I thought she was cute but I was too nervous to talk to her. Later in the night, I was excited because she was asking people for their phone numbers so she could go to the dining hall with them. She had asked everyone but me for my number and I was pretty sad about it because she was super cool and fun and cute. It was raining that night and someone was giving us rides back to our dorms and we learned that we lived next door to each other. I thought that was super cool and knew we'd be friends even though she didn't want my phone number.


Jason and I both went to a bowling night that our church hosted for new students, and he brought a girl with him. I thought she was his girlfriend, and I'm kind of paranoid about girls thinking I'm flirting with their boyfriends so I didn't talk to him that much. I did think he was really cute though, and just in case they weren't dating, I did my signature move to check him out as potential boyfriend material. I walked past him a few times to see if he was taller than me, and he was, so I decided that if the opportunity ever presented itself, I could probably like him. But still, I thought he had a girlfriend, so I wasn't going to do anything about it. He lived in my building though, so I got to talk to him on the ride home and he was really nice and that's where our friendship started. I can't remember any tiny details other than that I looked for him every time I went to church that semester.

Question 3: How was your first kiss?


Our first kiss was nice. We had been best buds for a while so we both thought dating could be weird. But when we kissed we both kinda were like, whoa, that wasn't weird or awkward this will work.


I've had five first kisses, and the first four were all terrible. All really awkward and generally terrible. The fifth one wasn't. We had pulled an almost-all-nighter and fallen asleep in the wee hours of the morning. At this point, we had toyed around with the idea of being more than friends but hadn't actually done anything to act on that. When we woke up a few hours later, I told him that I really wanted to kiss him, but that I was really afraid our friendship would be in major jeopardy. He said he felt the same way. We kept talking for about five minutes, then we decided that we didn't care, and we kissed. Nothing major or super passionate, just a really cute first kiss. I never want to have another first kiss in my life. Nothing could ever live up to it.

Question 4: What has been your biggest fight?


Bekah and I don't really fight that often. And if we do it's not huge and we both kinda get over it. The fight I remember best is when we were in New Smyrna Beach with her family. She and I had gone out on a paddle board and were in the ocean and I wasn't particularly enjoying myself and had said I wasn't having fun. She was pretty mad that I let us not have fun on her one beach day of the year and I felt dumb and selfish and mad at myself. But like 30 minutes later we were back to normal and having fun.


What I consider to be our biggest fight wasn't even while we were dating. Jason and I started dating at the end of January, after I broke up with my previous boyfriend in November. Jason was my best friend and confidant through my entire rocky and sad relationship with my ex, so he sat up for a good bit of late night text conversations when I had really rough days. One night I was telling him that I really wanted to break up with the guy I was dating, but I didn't because I wanted to believe there was hope things would get better. Jason told me he was tired of listening to me complain about my relationship and not do anything about it. I'm loyal to a fault, and he really called me out for it. I felt really betrayed for a little while, because my best friend decided he didn't want to help me anymore, but I quickly realized that he cared about me too much to watch me hurt myself by staying in a bad relationship, and I came around and let him help me end it. I realize now that there may have been ulterior motives in that situation. I also don't think he knows I consider that a fight.

Question 5: Who said "I love you" first?


I told her I love her first. We were kissing and I stopped and told her I loved her and she smiled and nodded and told me she loved me too.


Jason is the one that said it first, officially. The night he told me though, I was about to say it if he didn't. We were really great friends for a long time before we started dating, so it was really easy for our friend love to turn into romantic love. We said it relatively quickly, compared to other couples, but we definitely meant it.

Question 6: What do you think she/he likes most about you?


On a superficial level, I know Bekah likes my legs. She thinks they're nice. She also lets me know how special I make her feel, how loved I make her feel, and how much fun she has with me so I'd assume she likes those things too.


I think if I had to guess, I would say what Jason likes the most about me is my constant desire to put others first. I always make sure that Jason is taken care of before I am and I would hope he appreciates that.

Question 7: Is there anything that you want to say to him/her?


If I wanted to tell something to Bekah I'd just look up and tell her because we're always with each other. But I'd want her to know that she's my best friend and my favorite person and I am so lucky that she's in my life and I have the most fun when I'm with her.


I just want Jason to know that I love him and appreciate him for everything he is and everything he does for me. He is the most special person I've ever met and there's nothing I want more than to spend the rest of my life with him. He's my favorite person in the world.

And there you have it. I'm putting this piece together not only for the cheesy reason that I love my friends. But to provide a source of a real-life relationship that is filled with pure happiness, joy, and love to whoever needs to read something like this. Remember that love will find you in your own time and that once it does you should feel great because of it.

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