Do you have a strange relationship with social media, where you hate it but just can't stop using it?

Most of us use social media every day... some of us are addicted to it. We often check our phones for notifications (typically hundreds of times per day). We crave to be connected and social media allows us to do that. We all love to keep up with events, "like" our friend's photos and scroll through feeds. We enjoy sharing our creativity, talents, passions, interests and even our everyday events. It feels good to share thoughts and photos.

But, then what are the cons?

1. Everyone is so focused on having the picture perfect life


Sometimes we are too busy trying to capture the moment, to actually enjoy it. There is a pressure to take hundreds of photos, to find just the right one to share without followers. Our lives are so strongly influenced by the need to share what we're doing and look happy. We are so concerned with the visual impression we make.

2. We are constantly comparing


Our photos never look good enough...

As we "like" other's photos, we begin to hate our own. Social media can be a confidence killer or enhancer.

3. It is beginning to replace meeting real people


4. Status is defined by follows, likes, and views


Social media encourages us to base our worth on popularity and essentially meaningless measurements.

4. It causes weird tension 


Why follow someone if you won't even say "Hi" to them in person?

5. We are so wrapped up in it


We get caught up in drama and gossip. We focus on staying on top of the latest "news" and trends.

6. There is no substitute


If you delete your social media, you're seen as "falling off", disconnected and less relevant. We have a collective fear of not being heard or seen. Not receiving any recognition or being isolated.

Some days I hate social media, and others, I love it. And I don't blame you if you feel the same.