Why You Should Leave The Guy Who Doesn't Take No For An Answer
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If A Guy Doesn't Respect You Telling Him 'No,' There's Nothing Else You Need To Say To Him EVER

Take notes ladies.

If A Guy Doesn't Respect You Telling Him 'No,' There's Nothing Else You Need To Say To Him EVER

If a guy doesn't take your "no" for an answer... you LEAVE.

You don't give him a second or third chance to screw up your life. You don't give him the opportunity to become a problem or a nightmare that threatens your trust. When he gives you those sad puppy eyes, don't enable his sorry ass, get up and leave.

You aren't a bitch for doing so, you aren't being rude, you are saving yourself years of trauma, trust issues, and therapy.

Do not let him trick you into thinking otherwise. Trust me — if he refuses your right to say "no" over something small like a date or a nickname you don't like, eventually he will refuse your right to say no to something bigger, like sex.

Formulate your boundaries, if he isn't cool with taking it slow, he ain't it sis.

Take it from the girl who ignored all the red flags, let him say "yes" when I said "no," enabled his manipulative tactics, and still has nightmares from the monster who is long gone.

See how he reacts when you say "no." If he laughs, run. If he says, "you don't mean that," leave. If he says "OK" and then completely ignores it, go. You made your point, you gave a valid answer. If he's not smart enough to know that, he's too stupid for you.

You don't date a man who doesn't take "no" for a valid answer.

You don't.

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