I grew up playing soccer from the first season my parents could sign me up, all the way until I started college.

Playing this sport has definitely helped shape me into the person I am today and I wouldn't trade it for the world. No matter what season of the year it was, my time was dedicated to soccer.

It has been there for me through the good, the bad and most definitely the ugly. If soccer was apart of your life like it was mine, the following memories are probably engraved into your brain for life.

1. You have weird tan lines in all of your pictures

This is by far the WOAT. Pretty much every hour I spent outside was in my uniform and shin guards, so only my knees and forearms ever saw the sun.

Everything else was pretty much as white as a ghost. Walking around Disney World like this definitely made some heads turn.

2. You owned every color of pre-wrap at some point

This was a staple product in everyone's bags. Even though it's pre-wrap, it was never used for that purpose. It was always used as a headband.

Taking out pre-wrap in front of the team was like taking a pack of gum out in the middle of class... everyone asked for a piece.

3. You always had electrical tape in your bag

This is just another product that wasn't used for its intended purpose. To a normal person, electrical tape seems like a strange thing to carry around in your soccer bag. But this was the best way to tape up your shin guards.

Bonus points to whoever could make the biggest tape ball by the end of the season.

4. Most of your excitement came from buying a fresh pair of cleats for a new season

You were lucky if your cleats were still intact by the end of the season. There was no better excitement than walking up to the big wall of cleats in Dick's Sporting Goods.

5. You spent most weekends traveling for tournaments

The best part about playing travel soccer was getting to stay in hotels with your team for the weekend.

Some of my favorite memories are sitting in a hotel courtyard with all of my teammates and the parents.

6. You had turf burns and bruises all over your legs

Turf burns are worse than any other burn. You slide or fall on the turf at least once during practices and games. Accompanying the burn are all of those little black turf beads that you have to brush out of the wound too.

Compression shorts are a must and if you forget them then you're SOL. Definitely should have worn mine during flag football too.

7. If someone was playing dirty, you remembered her jersey number so you could get her back later

Nothing gets you heated more than when a player on the other team starts taking cheap shots at you and doesn't get caught. There's nothing quite like sweet revenge.

8. You could never wear heels without someone commenting on your calves

Homecoming season was always a struggle.

9. You look pissed in all of the pictures your parents took during games

I'm furrowing my brows and have my hands on my hips in every picture. Literally. Every single one.

10. The friends you grew up playing with are still your friends now

Thanks for giving me lots of mems and friends over the years.