10 Reasons Americans Are Excited About Meghan And Harry's Royal Baby
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10 Reasons Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Having A Baby Is The Greatest News Since They Said 'I Do'

Our favorite royals are becoming parents!

prince harry and meghan markle

Ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies), it's time to turn our attention again to our favorite royal couple, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. They just announced that they are pregnant with their first child, and it's the most exciting thing since they got married back in May.

Here are 10 reasons why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle having a baby is the greatest news since they said: "I do."

1. Think about how BEAUTIFUL that baby will be


Meghan's stunning smile and Prince Harry's charming eyes will combine and make the most adorable baby. And I can't wait to see that combo.

2. That baby will be in the best of hands with Meghan and Prince Harry as their parents

Wikimedia Commons

They are the cutest couple, I mean look at them!

3. The baby will be taught ALL there is about gender equality


Yes, ma'am! Meghan Markle has been a long time supporter of women's equality from a young age, and we know that she is going to pass down all of that wisdom and knowledge down to her son or daughter.

4. He/she already has the cutest cousins!

Wikimedia Commons

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis... WHAT CUTIES!

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5. The baby is seventh in line to the throne


The baby due in Spring 2019 is seventh in line to the throne, behind Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and the baby's father Prince Harry.

6. If it's a girl, Meghan is going to teach her ALL the tips on how to rock a chic perfectly messy bun 


Perfectly chic and effortless. What a Duchess.

7. If it's a boy, he will become such a charming and handsome young man



8. The baby will make history as Britain's first mixed-race heir to the throne



9. The baby will also be the first half-American heir to the throne






Congratulations to the happy couple!!! You are going to be amazing parents and your child is already so blessed and loved!

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