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40 Baby Names That Meghan Markle Should Think About Naming The Bun In Her Oven

Another day, another royal baby on the way.

40 Baby Names That Meghan Markle Should Think About Naming The Bun In Her Oven

Just five months after tying the knot, the announcement of a new royal baby is out! We can only begin to speculate what Meghan and Harry will name their little bundle of joy. Will they stick with more traditional and regal names? Or will Meghan advocate for something more unique and original? Here are some names that they should consider of the next few months.

1. Alice

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

This delicate name meaning "of nobility" is perfect for a future countess. Just keep her away from mushrooms and rabbits with a pocket watch.

2. Edward

The name of many British kings meaning "protector of wealth".

3. Catherine

The name of the Duchess of Cambridge meaning "pure".

4. Arthur

Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels

This strong name meaning "bear" is sure scare any of Britain's enemies.

5. Victoria

So many influential queens, both royal and societal, to be named after especially with a name that means "victory" is sure to be a smashing hit.

6. James

Meaning "to overthrow", James is the name for you If you want a rascal that is sure to be headstrong.

7. Margaret

This regal gem meaning "pearl" is beautiful and timeless.

8. Charles

If it's a boy maybe they will name the baby after Prince Harry's dad, Prince Charles.. how manly!

9. Mary

Photo by Silvia Trigo from Pexels

Meaning "wished for child", this baby will know that it wasn't a mistake.

10. Philip

A great name if the baby looks like Prince Harry and wants to follow in his father's footsteps of playing Polo because the name Philip means "friend of horses".

11. Regina

Forever a pop culture icon, Regina is not only the queen bee of North Shore high, but quite literally the meaning of "queen". Plus, in the future it can be a quirky and punny halloween couples costume dressing up as Countess Regina and Prince George.

12. Alexander

Meaning "the defender of men" this Earl would be great.

13. Sophia

Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

This popular baby name meaning "wisdom" would be darling for any girl.

14. Theodore

Besides the cute nick names Teddy and Theo, Theodore means "God-given" so you know he will be God's gift as the world's next heartthrob.

15. Frances

If you want a baby that is a free spirit Frances is the name for you, quite literally meaning "free one".

16. Nicholas

Norbert Mereg

Many royals across the globe have been named Nicholas, or some variation of it, meaning "victory to the people".

17. Anna

Baby Anna is an elegant Countess because her name means "full of grace".

18. Edmund

A boy who is sure to protect the royal crown at all costs should be named Edmund, meaning "protector of riches".

19. Eleanor

Meaning "ray of light" this name is sure to bring happy days.

20. Patrick

The most popular name in Ireland, Patrick is a noble name for your "nobleman".

21. Natalia

This name meaning "born at Christmas" can make everyday feel like Christmas with your little bundle of joy.

22. Gerald

Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

"To rule with a spear" might be an antiquated meaning on this antiquated name, however, a baby boy named Gerald is sure to tackle life head-on.

23. Scarlett

This charming name meaning "a brilliant red with a hint of orange" would be the perfect name for a little girl with flaming locks.

24. Eugene

A formal name meaning "well born".

25. Zara

A beautiful name for a future countess meaning "flower" and "princess" in different cultures.

26. Oliver

Achieve world piece with Oliver, meaning "extending the olive branch".

27. Rosemary

Definitely a name to consider if the baby has a pisces horoscope because besides being a mashup of the names Rose and Mary, Rosemary means "dew of the sea".

28. Frederick

Photo by Henley Design Studio from Pexels

With a cute nickname Freddy, this royal baby would make a great ruler especially if that's what his name means.

29. Emilia

A popular British, yet not royal name meaning "hard worker".

30. Adrian

Meaning "sea" this rugrat will surely to be the next Olympic swimmer or crew team member.

31. Penelope

Photo by Shanice McKenzie from Pexels

This cute name would be new to the British crown and unlike it's regal counterparts, can bring a certain humility to Sussex because Penelope means "weaver". Also it wouldn't hurt to share a name with Penelope Cruz or Penelope Disick.

32. Christopher

This biblical name means "carrier of Christ".

33. Josephine 

Meaning "God will add" and possibly a tribute to Josephine Baker, an important activist and icon.

34. Henry

An important name to the Irish meaning "hero".

35. Seraphina

This unique name meaning "fiery-winged" derives from the most powerful angels who had six wings, so why not name your angel after the most badass of all angels?

36. Andrew

An important name for anyone in Great Britain meaning "brave", Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

37. Beatrice

Photo by Zaid Abu Taha from Pexels

Who wouldn't want to name their baby after the meaning "bringer of joy"?

38. Jack

A name that has become a popular baby boy name meaning "man", the title Earl Jack has a nice ring to it.

39. Louisa

Naming a future royal after a powerful name meaning "warrior"is a sure way to have a child that is going to make a difference in the world,

40. Elizabeth


Long live the Queen! Naming her after Britain's current monarch who has lived a plentiful life and meaning "God is my oath".

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