Being a bigger girl is so much more than what people see. People honestly do not realize the daily struggles we have, especially on the days when we feel fat and ugly. We will walk around like we have our lives together and we are comfortable with ourselves but on the inside, we are wishing we were some other size some days. Other days we will walk around like run the show. And some days we go back and forth.

Sometimes the smallest thing can make us feel self-conscious. For me personally, my biggest issue is my stomach. Something as small as a shirt not hanging on my body like I want it to make me have a bad day.

Yes, you have so many people who are supporters and God bless them. But we have a ton of haters and growing up with that kinda talk on you makes you start to feel worse about yourself. I honestly wish that people would realize just how much a simple word can hurt a person. Words are not just words, words can carry with a person for years.

The media treats us like it is a bad thing to look like us. We aren't portrayed as pretty or worthy of love. We see these images all the time and eventually you start to believe that it's true. Literally, everywhere you turn it is something putting you down it feels like.

It is so praised to be #thick but if a bigger girl calls herself that she risks being bashed for just saying she is thick as a way to cope with her size or that she is not thick just lazy.

So many things play into a girls size sometimes a girl literally can not help it. There are medical conditions that make it nearly impossible to change how we look. Sometimes we are comfortable and happy with how we look and do not need your closed minded views to bring us down.

Honestly, from a big girl herself, we just want love and acceptance. I have enough of my own stress I do not need you to tell me how to live my life and what I should eat. I am happy with myself and I honestly do not care if you are not. You can look the other way.

But the honest truth is that being bigger girls means that we are more fabulous and need to start acting like we are. We should have our heads held high no matter what. We are great.