Massage Therapist VS. Masseuse: What's The Difference?

Massage Therapist VS. Masseuse: What's The Difference?

One is connected to sex work.

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LMT, Massage Therapist, & Masseuse are the same thing, right? Well technically yes; yes they are the same things. But, when you really break down what each term means; you will learn (while reading this article) how vastly different each of them are. One term to related to prostitution while the other is related to the medical community. Even though a lot of people think that both terms mean the exact same thing.

Massage Therapist: Massage therapist is related to the medical community. In the United States you have to go to massage therapy school and in each state there is an agreed amount of hours that an individual has to complete to apply for the MBLEX (licensing exam). Yes, there is a licensing exam to become a massage therapist.

So, when you pass the MBLEX you can then apply for your own Massage therapy License and wait a month until your license goes active, then you can get your massage liability insurance (to protect yourself from getting sued). Once your license becomes active then you can officially have the title as a Licensed Massage Therapist or a LMT.

Being an LMT in the United States means you hold an active license, carry liability insurance, document what happens in each session (keeping SOAP Notes), and have a moral compass. LMT can work in spas, medical facilities, home offices, and the type of massage that usually happens (I am generalizing it just a bit due to I am more of a newbie in this career) is more rehabilitation type body work.

Whether it be more range of motion in different joints, correcting clients gaits (posture and walking correctly), and work on people's relaxation and mental statuses. It is strictly just body and tissue manipulation nothing else. THERE IS NO HAPPY ENDING!

Masseuse: Masseuse is a term that is very related to the sex industry; primarily prostitution, and sex trafficking. Masseuse is a term that is related to the idea of a, "Happy Ending." (happy endings are ending the massage with a sexual release). Masseuses may have a license with the state they work in or they may not.

Now before I continue I am not shaming sex workers; it is one of the oldest professions in the book. I respect the men and women that do this type of work and would never, EVER try and demoralize a person that does sex work. Unfortunately, massage and sex work have a very close history and even in the 21st century this is still a problem.

Back to the original point; masseuse is a common term with sex trafficking and legal and illegal prostitution. And still in the 21st century people still can't separate massage and sex work. So, this term does not have anything to do with the medical community and has to deal with a massage with a sexual ending.

Now, these two terms I have defined with my own words and opinions on what the words mean. Yes, this compare and contrast piece does have some validity to it, but is not 100 percent agreed with everyone in the profession.

Thanks for reading and remember tip your therapist and try not to go to a masseuse unless you're at a LEGAL Brothel in La Vegas were in one county prostitution is legal.

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