Colton and I were hiking up a mountain in the Smokeys. He had planned a Galtinburg trip for my 21st Birthday and right before I started summer classes. The hike was long, we had trouble finding the right trail, and when we finally made it to the summit... It looked nothing like the picture.

The view was absolutely breathtaking still, but we were expecting a grassy, flat and not a rocky drop-off. We snapped some pictures, sat on the ledge while enjoying some wine. Colton, who was behind me, tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and to my surprise...

He was on one knee holding out a little, wooden box containing a diamond ring.

Colton said some words which I will not share for the sake of the intimacy of the moment. We were alone on top of a mountain. No one snapped pictures, there were no expectations from others, it was just us.

Exactly how marriages should be, just between two people.

I'll be 22 on our wedding day, yes 22. I know I'm on the younger end of the spectrum of ages getting married but I'm proud of it. I'm proud that I found the person I'm meant to be with so early.

I know it won't be sunshine and butterflies every day, but that's life in general. You have your good days and bad days.

That seems to be forgotten during the wedding excitement for a lot of people.

Marriages are so so so special and nothing that needs to be taken lightly. You are committing your life to another person. Are you going to let your family and friends come between your marriage? You can't run off with your friends every weekend and laugh at your mistakes in the morning. You can't break up and get back together every other month.

Divorces are expensive, long, and emotional, especially with kids involved. Plus, do you really want to put your child through that? If your parents are separated think back to how you felt during that time. Do you want your kid to feel that way too?

Weddings should not be a trend or just a big party. They should be a romantic ceremony with two people making a commitment to love each other through everything. To respect, protect, and take care of each other till death.

Yes, the day, the reception, and the honeymoon are fun, but after all that, are you willing to be with that person forever? Really think about that. Can you stand that one thing that he/she does that drives you up the wall forever? Are you always questioning your trust in your partner?

It doesn't matter how long or how short you date to figure these types things out.

I can easily say yes to marrying my soon to be husband because I understand what promise I'm making and fully love the person I'm committing my life to, but can you?