Some of my earliest memories as a child were gathering around the small box TV set up in my parents' bedroom and competing in the sickest Mario Kart races known to mankind. My family went hard when it came to Mario Kart. We would honestly tear it up on the Nintendo 64 and I loved it.

I played it all the time with my older brother and we made sure we had the game as video game consoles came and gone. To this day, I still find myself playing it on my Wii for hours on end.

From years and years of playing, I became pretty skilled in the game and would challenge friends any chance I could. I remember when it first started going around Twitter that Mario Kart needed to come to the iPhones.

It was at that moment that I first read a tweet stating that, that I found the moment in life I was waiting for. I needed this game to be available on my smartphone. I could challenge all my friends and really shred it up on the race track.

All hopes for this to come true were slowly declining as years went on. I saw post after post saying that it was going to come out but nothing really happened at all. That was until I was lying in bed last night and my roommate shouted at me that Mario Kart was officially on the app store. I couldn't tell you how fast I downloaded that game. I was overjoyed, ecstatic even.

I was ready to stay up all night playing this game and reliving a part of my childhood. Of course, my dreams were crushed for a bit when I found that the app was already under maintenance.

I am sure I was not the only one who became the happiest person on Earth when they realized they could finally play on their phone. Join the rest of the generation and download and make Mario Kart a trend again.