'TIS THE SEASON FOR MARCH MADNESS!!!!!!!! Basketball is a sport I am very fond of, and March Madness just puts the cherry on top of my joy.

With that being said, brackets are a must - and I've already filled mine out. I'm expecting 4 big upsets to happen. Don't get mad if I hate on your team.

1. Vermont vs FSU

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I'm predicting Vermont is going to win this little showdown. Vermont is a very underrated team who put up quite a fight against Kansas earlier this season.

2. St. John's vs Buffalo

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Presuming St. John's beats Arizona State, I have no doubt that they will beat Buffalo in the first round.

3. St. Mary's vs Villanova

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St. Mary's is going to beat Villanova. They've proven to put up a fight over this season, and I'm confident they aren't going anywhere.

4. Ohio St. vs Iowa St.

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This one is kind of iffy, but I really think Ohio St. will bring their A-game after Iowa St. lost to WVU. ISU had a good run in the Big 12 tournament, but I think their luck has run out.

5. Seton Hall vs Wofford

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I'm genuinely confused where Wofford even came from this season... Considering they've been playing nobody teams just like our friends at Houston, it's no surprise they became ranked rarely losing. But they have no credit. They haven't won against a top 25 team like Seton Hall has.